Sunday, January 13, 2008


As well as catching up with my science reading, I've also been catching up with favourite internet sites. This is one of the best on Tasmania and where I found Jelly the cat.

It was reported in The Mercury, Hobart last December. (I did say I was catching up)

Jelly the cat wandered back home with a deadly lowland Copperhead snake wrapped around her neck. Her smart owner snapped this shot through a glass door while waiting for wild life rescuers. Jelly ended up at the vet being pumped full of anti venom.

My mouth dropped when I saw this. I can't believe the cat walked around and didn't try to shake the snake off and I can't imagine what Jelly did to get the thing so tied up around her neck. The closest I've been to this is having the cat come in with a huntsman spider on top of his head and both got shot out the door with a large broom.


Andrew said...

Not the brightest of cats hey. It was reported on tele at the time.

Brian Hughes said...

Did it have a bell attached?

R.H. said...

I've been to see SHOUT.

Venue: The Arts Centre.

Cast: The Arts Centre.

Crowd: The Arts Centre.

Refreshments: The End.


(Thanks Frank)

R.H. said...

Twelve dollars for three drumstick ice creams.

Darlings, they have no shame.

Caroline said...

Jelly doesn't look very comfortable. Perhaps he/she was kinda sick of being bitten by the snake and thought it best just to pad softly home for help.

That's a wild photo.

Middle Child said...

Unbelievable. I had heard the story but thought it was a yarn...poor cat...what would you do?

JahTeh said...

December is a blur for me Andrew but try that site especially for the food places.

Of course not M'Lord, snakes don't have ears.

Rh, lashing out, drumsticks no less. Thank you I'd kill for an ice-cream just about now.

They couldn't find a bite but she became paralysed during the night so to the vet. Just like all cats, bring home the surprise for mummy.

Therese, I keep looking at it and still can't believe it. I don't suppose Thorn the Wonder Dog would deal with your snake for you.

Ann O'Dyne said...

you could have warned me.

I used to have a regular game with a huntsman that lived in the letterbox.
every night I would arrive home from work, get the letters, put the spider carefully in the big tree in the garden ... and the next night it would be back in the bloody letterbox.

R.H. said...

Well I didn't grumble because if you want the truth I was in the company of two young ladies who in earler times would rough me up in shopping plazas and call out "tightarse".
I didn't want it happening in the Arts Centre, that's all. So I shutup.

R.H. said...

"The show. The cast. The producer.
The critic. The end."

-Theatre review by Frank Thring.

Probably not exact, but I can't find it on google.

Frank was a very funny man.


R.H. said...

SHOUT: The Arts Centre.
Well darlings I hate to go on about this but my main gripe is to do with the tiny seats there. One of my companions is seven months pregnant and we had to saw off an arm rest for her. It seems they've just tried to cram in too much seating, with the space between rows ridiculously narrow. And mind you, this is a large theatre, with a dress circle and all, so why should people have to diet, just to enjoy a bit of culture? We are people, not sardines! Okay? And we are not all wealthy, the tickets are pricy enough, and so is everything else, with twelve dollars for three drumsticks when you can get four in a packet for six dollars at Coles. As for the show itself, I'll be honest, we saw an amateur production at Williamstown last year -and it was better. And cheaper.

Money is not everything, how true. It pays for glitz, that's all.


(cultural elite of the western suburbs)