Monday, February 11, 2008


It's unseasonably warm in England at the moment so for once it wasn't raining on the red carpet for the BAFTAS. Wearing a sequined mini dress and faux chiffon angel wings, Marion Cotillard arrives to win Best Actress for her role in La Vie en Rose and worst outfit on the night.

Tilda Swinton won Best Supporting Actress for Michael Clayton and was also pipped at the post for worst outfit. It's a green/mustard affair from Couture Dior and the jacket is covered in black maple leaf shapes. Every time I look at it, I'm reminded of the film 'The Mummy' where the rampaging scarabs emerge from the sand and engulf every human in sight. Still Tilda is Tilda and has never danced to the same beat as other actresses.


Brian Hughes said...

"It's unseasonably warm in England at the moment..."

Could have fooled me, Witchy. I woke up this morning and my duvet was frozen stiff. Mind you, it could just do with a wash.

" for once it wasn't raining on the red carpet..."

That's because it's so bloody cold. It only rains when it's warm in Blighty...something to do with being a temperate zone. When it's cold it snows...or, in this weather, the clouds freeze and drop out of the sky in large blocks.

"Tilda Swinton won Best Supporting Actress for Michael Clayton..."

Never heard of either of 'em. Isn't Michael Clayton some pub singer or other?

Lord Sedgwick said...

What ever happened to the tie-dyed kaftan? I never failed to look beddable in (or out) of one.

Your what was frozen stiff, Hughes?

That'd have to be a first since you gave up adolescence for Lent!

Andrew said...

Correct about Cotillard's outfit. I love Swinton's jacket

JahTeh said...

Andrew, Would you wear it? I could whip up a nice one in your favourite red silk and black satin.

Fleetwood, you're not living in the right part of Pomland, daffodils are out in London Parks and trollops are trolloping through them. As for the duvet, stop it or you'll go blind.

The bearded one in a tie-dyed kaftan. I think we have just found a weapon of mass destruction....and he works cheap.

Maria said...

I usually find Red Carpet Award Comments unreasonably catty when it comes to those journos who want to plaster a double page spread of pics of people for the night and rave on about their clothes. The overwhelming number of comments either seems to be jealous, sneering, or downright nasty, and often for the most trivial of reasons, and usually get quite personal too, with swipes at personal life, partners/family, plastic surgery, acting/singing ability, bank balance, age, recent traumas and whatever thrown in with remarks about their clothes. Mostly I don't agree with the assessments at all, anyhow. And who cares if X wore the same dress to this awards night as she wore to the event the same paper covered 3 months ago? (something that often seems to get sneered at) - in my opinion it shows the person isn't some idiot who buys an expensive outfit and only wears it once.

Maria said...


Michael Clayton:

Lawyer movie, Clayton is played by George Clooney.

The George Clooney bit is supposed to be the drawcard.

It's said the reason people actually stay for the dredits at the end is because Clooney's face is plastered on the screen while the credits roll.


I saw it, and yes, I stayed for the credits :)

Martin Kingsley said...

I have to say that Tilda Swinton's first, oh, say, five minutes in Constantine are absolutely jaw-dropping. Hell, her presence in that movie (though certainly limited) elevates it to a whole other level for me.

That outfit is something else, though, I have to admit. It's like it's been designed by M. C. Escher during a bad day in the studio.

Brian Hughes said...

"Your what was frozen stiff, Hughes?"

My duvet, Sedgwick. It's the European equivalent of the Ozzie string vest.

"Fleetwood, you're not living in the right part of Pomland, daffodils are out in London Parks and trollops are trolloping through them."

Witchy, I've been to London, and I don't care how cold it is 'Oop North', I am living in the right part of Pomland because it's just about as far away from London as I can get.

"Lawyer movie, Clayton is played by George Clooney."

Maria, George who? Sounds like a manufacturer of feminine hygiene products to me.

JahTeh said...

Maria, I just love looking at the fashion. Kate Hudson wore a stunning gold number but these two frocks on anyone aren't right. If I'd started to type George Clooney, I'd have drooled too much.

She's an unusual actress Martin, I refuse to call women 'actors'. She just comes straight off the screen.

As far away from London as you can get, you're kidding, the island's so small it's further for me to get to Sedgwick's place for a grogblog. No wonder you had all those invasions, the whole joint is a stepping stone to better climates.

Brian Hughes said...

We might be a small island, but a few hundred miles downwind (or upward...or out of scent range at any rate) of the capital is a good place to be.

Andrew said...

Can I have a dressing gown made like that please Jah Teh.

JahTeh said...

I must say that I wasn't criticising the actresses but just observing the old fashion rule that the womman wears the dress not the dress wears the woman.

Now Andrew, would you like that with maple leaves or man-eating scarab beetles? You really should take note of my above comment.

Middle Child said...

I hated "Life as a rose " or whatever its called couldn't care less, but I love Tilda Swinton in all her there is a face and talent the dress is irelevant I reckon with her

Maria said...

Hughesy, I'm sure plenty of feminine hygiene products places would love to nab Clooney for endorsement as sales would skyrocket.

Clooney is known for:

Playing an outstandingly BAD Batman in Batman and Robin.
Playing Danny Ocean in Ocean's Eleven, Twelve and Thriteen.


And generally being an older man, and to have won some "sexiest man alive" awards".

Other credits include Syriana, Good Night and Good Luck, and From Dusk Til Dawn, where he plays a charming vampire killer opposite Quentin Tarantino.

He's also known to be politically active against the Iraq War (He was presented with a Summit Peace Prize lost year for his advocation of a resolution of the Darfur conflict) and an environmentalist.

JahTeh said...

Maria, wasn't he just the worst 'Batman' ever? Talk about miscasting. Don't take our Brian too seriously, he's a joker and is considered to be the sexiest antiquarian still digging in Fleetwood.

Therese, I knew you would disagree with that award. I haven't seen Keira Knightly in 'Atonement' yet but she was the favourite to win for it.