Tuesday, February 19, 2008


It's only Tuesday and I've had three days of being massively pissed off by my mother.

I know she's losing what's left of her memory but she denies it. She accused the pharmacist of packing her pills the wrong way and making her feel sick and I'll have to do something about it. Like Hell! I know exactly what's she's done. She gets the webster pack on a Wednesday night to start Thursday morning, ending the next Wednesday but she's started on the Wednesday and nothing I could say would convince her.

I rushed around shopping, paying bills, cooking for the freezer and listening to the biggest load of rubbish without saying anything. A lot of banging of pots and slamming of doors went on though.
Four hours later and I'm discussing the situation with sister and my nose starts running. Great, Hay Fever again except sister is rushing a box of tissues under my chin. Not snot, blood and lots of it running down my neck. Oops, blood pressure.

Fortunately I am a fast clotter so I managed to get home without Kleenex stuffed in my nose. Has anyone ever had a clot test? I don't know if they do it differently now but they put a instrument against the skin and little razor blades shoot out and wound one. The nurse watches and times how long the blood takes to clot. So I'm a good clotter.

The three of us have had too many health breakdowns in the last six months but the good ship "MrsNeverWrong" still sails on.


Brian Hughes said...

I've got a nosebleed going on at the moment. Oh...wait a minute. No it's not.(It's not...it's snot...geddit? Hey, come on. It was funny in the school playground back in the sixties and, to be honest, I still find people farting uncontrollably hilarious, so what's the problem?)

outofctrl said...

Don't forget to take care of yourself.

nailpolishblues said...

I thought they used pathology tests to check the clotting. You just supply the tube full and they do the rest. Could be very wrong though. Damn, now I'll have to ask terribly clever people who know this boring shit.

I don't suppose that she'd run away if you left the gate open...? Thought not.

hazelblackberry said...

I hope you do get the chance to have a break. You sound as though you desperately need one. Unfortunately the needs of carers are not a priority.

Jayne said...

A) You need a break.
B) You're pissed off when she's forgetful because it's a sign of her failing to remain your mum and the anger is really at the fact no one can do anything to stop it.
C) She's argumentative because to be otherwise would be to admit the truth and that scares the shyte out of her.
D)Carers are always the ones getting ill while the cared-for stays as good as gold.
Get respite care whenever you can, you need it.

JahTeh said...

Everybody, no, not, absolutely never again on the respite thing. I did it last year and it nearly killed me and she had a great time while telling the relos that we'd had her locked up.

Fleetwood, you is just so refaiiined, I can't believe you're English.

Thank you OoC and you do the same. Two minute noodles is not a meal!

I did have it done a while back, Nails. It was better than the test for how well my funny fat legs circulated blood up from my feet. They stick a great big needle full of 'probably' poisonous dye between the toes and I got to watch it circulating on a screen. I can't stand any sharp object near my toes and I nearly ripped a hole in the bed only because I couldn't reach the bloke.

Hazel, the respite people are very good at looking after the carers and making it clear that the break is for them. Unfortunately they weren't sitting there sewing name tags on clothes and trying to pack with crying mother in the background. It was more stressful than keeping her home.

Jayne, you hit the spot. She has been a controller for so many years that she won't give an inch.
She said the other day she didn't understand why I could light the gas and she couldn't. She hasn't remembered that you need matches for that and I bring my own.

R.H. said...

Matches? To light the gas?
Golly, how quaint. And old fashioned.
Does she have an ice chest too?
And boil clothes in a copper?
Goodness me. Well I guess she's wondering where the milkman went. Sure hope she ain't putting bottles out anymore!