Saturday, March 22, 2008


In the same article was a test for the ability to suppress one memory in favour of another.
Each of the words below has a verb meaning and a different noun meaning which is more commonly used.

For each of them try to come up with a word association for the verb meaning.
For example, for DUCK, write ‘crouch’.

Most people find it difficult to temporarily ‘forget’ associations with the more dominant noun meaning, and want to write ‘quack’ next to DUCK.


My answers are in the comments. I kept getting mixed up with verb and noun and I certainly wasn't fast with the answers. Some answers are just plain weird.


JahTeh said...

Loaf - laze
Post - hole
Court - romance
Root - grub
Sock - punch
Lodge - file
Sign - write
Bark - tree
Pine - sad
Bowl - eat
Shed - remove
Fence - duel
Lobby - hotel
Stump - puzzle
Fawn - crawl
Prune - eat
Duck - crouch
Rail - shout
Sink - Titanic
Ring - phone

Brian Hughes said...

Bark - Tree, Lobby - Hotel? All nouns as opposed to verbs, there, Witchy...or was that deliberate to illustrate the point?

Lord Sedgwick said...

Loaf - warm and steaming fresh from the bakery, lashings of butter and vegemite.

Post - with a wish, wing and a prayer you entrust letters to illiterates and innumerates on scooters.

Court - preceded my latest Community Services Order.

Root - "I never had metamorphosisical relations with that grub."

Sock - it to me Lamb Chop.

Lodge - funny handshake.

Sign - "Madgegoria - this way"

Bark - Johan Sebastapol

Pine - o'Cleen (Famous puritan Irish essayist)

Bowl - what Shane Warne did in between serving up googlies.

Shed - male refuge centre.

Fence - my visit to Cash Converters.

Lobby - Brian Burkha

Stump - Heather Mills.

Fawn - ication. (Because I can - still - just!)

Prune - Fruit of the Laxette tree.

Duck - heaven on a drumstick!

Rail - to stand on a railway platform shouting at Lyn Kosky

Sink - without trace. (see :- John Howard.)

Ring - 0055

... Oh! Well done Coppertop! NOW you tell me it's not Who Wants to be a Word Association Trivial Pursuit Millionaire?!!

JahTeh said...

I told you Fleetwood, I get confused if I have to think fast as opposed to eating quick. Now come back here and take the test.

Well done, M'Lord, but Heather Mills, that's a low blow on a non-existant kneecap.

And sink and Titanic always go together with my memory. *blows raspberry and stumps off*

River said...

Loaf - loll
Post - mail
Court - woo
Root - dig
Sock - punch
Lodge- deposit
Sign - gesture
Bark- yap
Pine - fret
Bowl - roll
Shed - divest
Fence - duel
Lobby - petition
Stump - stymie
Fawn - flatter
Prune - trim
Duck - (and roll) dive
Rail - rant
Sink - dig
Ring - surround
That was a bit harder than I thought it would be.

Andrew said...

loaf idle
post mail
court canoodle
root XXXX
sock punch
lodge deliver
sign signal
bark (dog) verbalising
pine bowl (what does that mean)
shed moult
fence fight
lobby nag
stump bowl
fawn harass
prune trim
duck dodge
rail rant
sink founder
ring phone

What witty readers you have. But M'lord should not be concerning himself with Warne's googlies. Of course you encourage him with your below the kneecap comment.

Andrew said...

Of course bark should be verbalise.

Brian Hughes said...

LOAF - A lazy french oaf
POST - Office, as in multiple British closures
COURT - Disaster, as in the Iraq War
ROOT - Ferret, as in weasly council members
SOCK - As in the spinning letters on Batman
LODGE - constipation (in which case that would be an adjective as opposed to a verb, but if its a particularly stubborn one that doesn't really matter)
SIGN - Prime Minster, as in flicking the 'V's at...
BARK - Bollocks, as in Gordon Brown's authoritarian voice
PINE - Fjord, as in the over rated and over quoted parrot sketch
BOWL - Googlie, as in the sneaky Australian underarm technique
SHED - Hair, as in the cat's all over all the furniture
FENCE - Golden Virginia...there's a bigger underground market for it nowadays than there is for diamonds and drugs
LOBBY - Cash for Honours Scandle...need I say more?
STUMP - Confound with ignorance, as in one of George Bush's speeches
FAWN - John Read, whose tongue was permanently stuck up Tony Blair's arse
PRUNE - Crop, as in the chavs from British society
DUCK - Shit, as in low flying
RAIL - Rant, as in the early morning pre-coffee psychological state
SINK - The American Economy

Ozfemme said...

Here's mine (before looking at anybody else's)

LOAF - lounge
POST - send
COURT - woo
ROOT - fossick
SOCK - punch
LODGE - deposit
SIGN - signal
BARK - growl
PINE - yearn
BOWL - serve
SHED - slough
FENCE - corral
LOBBY - campaign
STUMP – flummox
FAWN – bow and scrape
PRUNE – cut back
DUCK - evade
RAIL - lament
SINK - submerge
RING - call

Was I the only one who took this seriously? Sighs.

Ozfemme said...

And I thought it was "pine bowl"....

Jayne said...

I can't get past Heather Mills' Norwegian Wood stump....

JahTeh said...

Aren't us Aussies an articulate mob with hardly a double up word in the list.

Fleetwood doesn't count, garble is his native tongue but your 'stump' will go down in infamy.

Andrew, what does root have to do with Queensland beer? (I knew you couldn't resist)

Edward Yates said...


I did this more like a Freudian free-association than attempting to subjugate the dominant association that sprung to mind... Interesting to read others words...

Caroline said...

Loaf . . er . . - Post!


Mindy said...

I'm a little concerned that I'm the only one who saw fence and thought 'sell stolen items'.

JahTeh said...

Edward, even the free association threw up some interesting combinations.

Piker, Caroline, but feel free to export this to your blog.

Mindy, brilliant, I never saw that. How many convicts in your family tree?

Bwca said...

Mindy, you are in good company - our Lord Sedgwick put the 'Vice' into Vice-Regal with
"Fence - my visit to Cash Converters

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