Sunday, March 16, 2008


I have one of life's mysteries to answer.
If I have only enough money to buy beads, on special, a quarter of their usual price and a chocolate nut cluster Easter egg, why do I always go for the item that will last longest?

Believe me it's not the egg.

So many luscious, rich and unusual eggs this year and such outrageous prices. I'm torn between the roasted nut cluster egg or the rocky road egg from Hillier's. I can't afford to even look at the Lindt eggs. Darrell Lea have chocs and eggs in the one box and I had my hand in my purse but the price! Mentally adding up how many tomatoes and apples I could buy instead, with change left over for the 'on special' beads, I walked away.

There was a time when Easter eggs were made of brown coloured sawdust, at least that's what they tasted like. Now the selection of an egg takes an hour for a small one and 24 hours deliberation for the name, filling, dark or light, shell or solid, with or without a side order of whatever's in the middle. Also a credit card (currently in a pay up or die balance) or a bank loan would be handy. For those of us not into wood and nails and redemption, chocolate eggs are the best reason for having Easter even if they're an old wives tale and nothing to do with pagan spring celebrations.

I did buy a rabbit. A fluffy mauve rabbit with a wonky eye and a bow. Give me a box of plush animals and I will always pick the one with a wonky something. It cost $2 and it will last a lot longer than an egg.

I still want an egg.

I really want an egg.

I want a really big egg with chocolates inside and out.


Lord Sedgwick said...

"L'oeuf wasn't meant to be easy." ('specially come Easter Thyme.)

Brian Hughes said...

Easter eggs aren't so much an Old Wives' tale as a Pagan symbol of rebirth for the Spring Equinox. The same goes for Easter bunnies, which really ought to be Easter Hares, druidical familiars that led the departed souls to the realms of the afterlife. (Seriously, Witchy, you never read any of my articles, do you?) It all goes back to Mithraism and its contemporary Pagan counterparts, the oneristic religion that predates Christianity but elements of which were combined into the final mash-up of religious bollocks produced by Constantine and his cronies. Over here in Blighty we have chocolate bunnies...which always helps diffuse the chocolate or soft toy dilema.

Shelley said...

Yes , yes, yes, Easter boring etc.

Mister Hughes, we have chocolate bilbys and wombats and koalas we also have bunnies but they're a pest [they take over the supermarkets and just breed and breed].

jahteh, set up a P.O. box or a paypal account and we'll send you the eggs one way or another. No-one should suffer at Easter! Today I discovered that Red Tulip is selling my childhood favourite - bliss!

Morgana said...

Yeah I like the bilbys but at Easter I am always grateful that I don't eat sweet food!

I'll send ya a chokky too, Jt but you'll have to get someone to take(and post) a photo of you enjoying it!


Jayne said...

Hmmmm chocolate hmmmmm
Give me a Humpty Dumpty egg filled with Smarties any day!

Middle Child said... daughter sent me a bunny with ears and some little eggs...(ate them last night ooo ahhh)

But I so remember the Easters we used to have when the kids were still home, and the mums all still youngish...and Don in the centre as he always was...and rellos would arrive...we'd sit there with coffe or glasses of milk and make ourselves a bit sick...
this year so different...have an invite to be with folk butcan't ...its a milestone day.. you would know exactly what I mean... eed to have either close family which I won't or no one

not interested in buying eggs this year...

JahTeh said...

Fleetwood, I can't write on my blog let alone read yours. It takes me 24 hours to retrieve my brain from its hiding place after going through a day with my mother.

Thanks Nails, all of them are my favourite but I think I'll pass on the chocolate licorice egg I saw yesterday. There was a time when you could race in late on the Saturday and get the eggs half price now they get them off the shelves for next year.

Good one M'Lord, I can see you knocking back a liquor filled egg or two.

Word association there Morgana, I had to look twice to see that it was 'bilbys'. I blame Lord Sedgwick for my descent into gutterdom.

JahTeh said...

Jayne, you can keep your smarties and I'll go for the cherry ripe one.

Lord Sedgwick said...

"... had to look twice to see that it was 'bilbys'. I blame Lord Sedgwick for my descent into gutterdom."

Rubbish Coppertop! Now show me yer bilbys!

JahTeh said...

Therese, I do know what you mean. The first year you don't want to share the important days. People will tell you you need to have friends around but you don't. You need a quiet time to remember everything for that day and then you can let it go.

JahTeh said...

Sedgwick, you keep your aristocrazy peepers off my bilbys.

Middle Child said...

Me too Jahteh...

I am 54...this is the first Easter spent alone since I was 17. I was 18 when Don and I met. I'm not a sook and most of our Easters after the girls left home were just the to of us... but that was precious. Last Easter Sunday he was sooo sick and here at home... we had a home day and it was really just beautiful... peaceful and precious because we knew come the Tuesday he was on the road to hospital, where they killed him,

If you get he chance... the Sunday telegraph is doing a story on our issue... unless the Queen dies or Nicole gives birth... need not buy one just have a look inside...
have worked so hard for this and have to hope they have doe a good story