Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Hollywood is remaking "The Women", Clare Boothe Luce's wonderful bitchy film from 1939.
The Norma Shearer part will be taken by Meg Ryan. (gag)
Rosalind Russell replaced by Annette Benning. ( just might work but not for me)
Joan Crawford's gold digging husband stealing bitch is going to Eva Mendes. (won't work ever)

Why remake a classic ensemble film? Technically it's not a remake with all the updated modern women, updated locations and prbably updated language. The script for the 1939 film was bitchy, snitchy and no swearing but I doubt they'll stick to that for the next one.

Still on remakes or "not makes". Taking a good black and white "B" movie, putting in a star, Gene Hackman, adding a lot of explosions and flying bullets doesn't mean success. The original was about a witness protected by a policeman, travelling on a train to the trial. It had a great twist at the end and while I remember the film, I can't remember the title. It will probably arrive in my brain sometime during the night but the film was still better than the million dollar remake.

Having ranted about remakes I saw one yesterday that I did enjoy and the two stars were tops.
Colin Firth (who could read the telephone book and I'd still drool) plus the briliant Rupert Everett as St. Trinian's head mistress Camilla Fritton. The first name isn't a coincidence, he's re-created the hair do, the teeth and the walk of that other Camilla. In one great scene, Miss Fritton parades down the stircase in Elizabethan costume, her train held by two students and announces that she is preparing for the role of her life. Boom boom!

It's not the greatest comedy ever made but it's a mood lifter. I would have liked a cameo role for George Cole as Grandfather to Flash Harry Jnr. though.


Brian Hughes said...

"Colin Firth (who could read the telephone book and I'd still drool)"

That's Alzheimer's for you.

Haven't seen the new St. Trinians film. Really don't think I want to. Russell Brand as Flash Harry? I was a big fan of George Cole and Alistair Simm and, even now, the films are still excellent to watch. Never try to fix something what ain't broke.

Lord Sedgwick said...

The most execrable remake was of one of my favorite fillums, "Born Yesterday".

Melanie Griffiths as Billie Dawn. Judy Holliday would have whirling dervished in her grave.

Jayne said...

Blech! The majority of remakes are worthless pieces of worm poo. The subtleness is gone, with everything slapped in the viewers face like a sledgehammer. The old censor was good for making the directors create unspoken moments with just a look or a piece of music, rather than spoon-feed the audience with each scene.
Hanging to see the new St Trinian's, love those old flicks!

Ozfemme said...

Meg Ryan = dopey looking and vacuous. Can't act.
Eva Mendez = short and lacking in substance. Can't act.
Annette Benning = one dimensional and whilst once showing some vague glimmer of a promise as an actor...fell short and fell off... plus she married whatshisface and procreated with him. Uggh.

Perhaps they could cast me...I'm a bitch.

River said...

I'm being agreeable here, remakes aren't a patch on the originals. I loved the old St. Trinians movies, but I won't be seeing the new one, not even to make comparisons.

JahTeh said...

Jealous, Fleetwood? He's ageing well and will make a really great looking old guy unlike some I could name.

Russell Brand wasn't bad updated for the 21stC. and I agree not a patch on George Cole.

M'Lord you actually went to see the remake! No one could have replaced Billie Dawn especially the voice. Melanie Griffiths sounds like a chipmunk.

Like I said Jayne, not the greatest comedy but enjoyable. Wait for the credits and the closing song though.

Bella, the last film I saw whatsisface in was ruined because I kept wondering when his face lift was going to fall. Talk about stretched leather. And you would make a wonderful bitch.

River, two of the best St T's movies are out on a double DVD. I bought mine at Big W.

River said...

Last time I went to a BigW dvd sale I almost got trampled in the crush. So many people and there didn't seem to be any order to the dvd's. I had a really hard time finding the ones I wanted. I'm never doing that again. I keep checking Target whenever I'm in town and if they have movies I want I layby them.

Brian Hughes said...

"He's ageing well and will make a really great looking old guy unlike some I could name."

I don't want to go round upsetting Sedgwick. Not after the last time somebody insulted him and his teeth fell into his soup.

Lord Sedgwick said...

Some Vichy Seuss, made me do it! I blame the Cat in a Fedora and Horton his ho.

Jayne said...

Some great DVD's are on sale at Target atm, River.
I shall be hunting out those St T flicks, Jahteh, ta :)

JahTeh said...

Jayne, don't be fooled by the great looking catalogue. I was there this morning and found one DVD only. No Pride and Prejudice on special and hardly a sci-fi one from the catalogue. They had Helen Mirren's 'The Queen' and if you are shifty like me, you could get the sweet thing at the counter to give you the special edition for the sale price. Sweet things are so easily intimidated. P&P, I had to pay full price at the ABC shop but it'll shut Mum up for weeks.

Fleetwood, be kind about those teeth, they're the only things standing (like tombstones)between him and starvation.

Sedgwick, tell me the granddaughter made you see "Horton sees a Who"? The thought of you sitting surrounded by raucous midgets is making me smile and loling.

River, some great bargains at BigW this morning but I had no money left. I think it's called Murphy's Law.

Lord Sedgwick said...

Nope I managed to weasel out. The Grandmere did the duty. Thought I did buy the ticket - Senior's Card discount and all that. Figured I'd pulled my weight without a raucous midget in sight as I beat a quick retreat from Meadow Fair. ('tis neither a Meadow nor fair.)

Lord Sedgwick said...

"though" that is. "Thought"?! Don't do 'em.

Middle Child said...

Will try to see this one.