Friday, May 16, 2008


That saying about things happening in threes. The saying that always makes you look over your shoulder when two stupid things happen. I thought about it today and wondered when the third thing was going to happen and I realized it already had.

Tuesday I left the oven on so high I set off the smoke alarms and had to open every door and window in the house. I just wandered off and forgot. Charcoal vegetables, good thing I'd had that vanilla slice for lunch and the cupcake for breakfast. I noticed tonight when I finally got around to washing the dish that it now has a lovely meandering crack across the bottom. That's one.

Now for two. My office chair has been wobbling like a clown on a spring so I had a look at the workings this morning. I seem to have created a crack in the steel base plate. I can't blame the workmanship, I've been sitting on this seat for a quarter of a century so it's seen some heavy duty service. I just have to sit very upright and still and be careful scooting along the carpet in case the wheels decide to come off as well. I've already been through the great lounge chair disaster. It's just that it's my chair. I bought it with the first real chunk of money that was mine.

And then there's three. I'm standing at the stove, currying up a storm and talking to Ma on the phone (multi-tasking) and I'm blind in one eye. I mean I'm seeing perfectly well out of the left eye but the right one is blurred but not hurting. Calm is restored when I swivel the left lens of my glasses and spot the right lens in the curry. The screw came unscrewed. It's really weird to be able to see clearly out of one side and not the other. Okay, so that's three and I'm counting them as three.


And while I'm here. Where do the news services (hah!) and current affairs shows ((double hah!)) get off making air time for a crappy criminal being brought home for justice and having another crim's wife giving a tour of criminal haunts in Melbourne?


Jayne said...

That mongrel Murphy (of Murphy's Law) keeps sneaking around to everyone's houses. I'm overdue for a visit from him (touch wood) so I'll expect him when I least expect it!

Ozfemme said...

Yes...and aren't we all counting down the minutes until "Muckball" is back *yawns*

The chair sounds complicated and I worry that we haven't heard the last of it....

Oh and the blind in one eye bit reminds me of the time I went out, having put both contact lenses in the one eye. Took me some time to work out why everything was so distorted.

JahTeh said...

"touch wood" superstitious lot aren't we? I must admit I've been looking over my shoulder all week.

Bella that is the best contact story I've ever heard. I'm sick of all the publicity this creep is getting especially after a policeman was shot this week.
Sitting in this chair at the moment reminds me of keeping balance on one of those fit balls.

River said...

Good thing you spotted that lens before the curry melted it.

R.H. said...

My house is on that criminal haunt tour.

JahTeh said...

River, fortunately it's glass and I scooped it out pretty quickly. I need new glasses but they'll all small frames which look ridiculous with the thick lens I have.

Rh, I hope you're out the front selling your memoirs. You're more interesting than the current crop of criminal celebrities.

Middle Child said...

I've had that thingie with one glass falling out of my glasses...its really wierd because you don't realise at first... another trick I have is when I can't find my good glasses I go and get my old ones and out them on , only to find the good ones already there.