Saturday, June 21, 2008


I made this shade for my Mother-in-Law when they down-sized to a town house and she had her wish and got a bedroom all to herself which we furnished with everything shiny and new.

Originally the shade was cream pure silk but when it came back to me after her death, the colour was more tobacco and so was the odour. I even had to replace the bias binding on the frame because of the smell. Fabreeze works a treat.

I decided to re-do it exactly but in a pale pink pure silk and replace the trim which was ivory (and tobacco) with the same in white. I had just enough to do both top and bottom. The buttons also got the Fabreeze treatment. I don't turn it on often because I'm not sure how safe the wiring is and the only globe that doesn't burn the fabric is one from a sewing machine.

The ex and his new missus gave me items that they didn't think were of any value but they were to me as I'd made most of them and knew how much pleasure they had given his mother. I've washed, re-covered and re-framed her memories and I feel she's still around.


CelloBella said...

I'm really impressed with your lampshade. How clever you are! I wouldn't even attempt it.

River said...

It's a pretty lampshade, but what a shame you can't use the lamp in case the fabric burns. i love the glow of a lamp softly lighting up my bedroom.
Spoted you over at Kath's blog. We're almost neighbours, Kath and me, but haven't managed to meet up yet.

River said...

Frelling typos....Spotted, not spoted..

JahTeh said...

It's really hard on the arthritic hands and that's one of life's pissy bits. Just when you get good at making, the maker packs up. I wouldn't attempt playing Bridge either, I think that's clever.

River, I see the new globes are now coming in the same wattage as the sewing machine one so I should be able to leave it on. It usually sits on the opposite side of the hall on my Queen Anne desk but when I went to take the photo, the dust showed up beatifully.

Miss Eagle said...

Jenn, I never cease to be amazed by the standard and care you achieve in your handiwork. Beautiful

Blessings and bliss

Davo said...

typos .. heh. The beatification of dust .. on a lamp, no less.

Jayne said...

Fantastic, Jenn :)
You're very talented, share your secrets with us, oh Great Arty One :)

Lord Sedgwick said...

"and that's one of life's pissy bits."

NOT saying a word but the word furrication took the words right out of my mouth.


Lord Sedgwick said...

[tasteless] BTW, I understand that Ilse Koch was a dab hand at lampshades. [/tasteless]

JahTeh said...

Only you, Sedgwick, only you would drag that up or maybe Fleetwood but I've cast a tonguelock charm on him so it might be a while before he comments.

Davo, it took me ages to work that one out. It must be the day for typos.

'O great arty one', Jayne 'who grows food' says. I can't grow food, my world record is 8 cherry tomatoes. I can't claim for the citrus trees because they fruit independently of anything I do or don't do.

Miss Eagle, it's so simple if I don't follow a pattern, I'm dyslexic when it comes to patterns which is why I couldn't teach craft.

Brian Hughes said...

"...maybe Fleetwood butI've cast a tonguelock charm on him..."

As if that'd work. I own the Houdini of the tongue world as many a satisfied female acquaintance would testify.

Lord Sedgwick said...

Explains why I've oft heard wafting down the corridor leading to your bedroom breathless cries of "By the living Harry!"

Middle Child said...

Thats a beautiful lamp - I am sure if you feel she's still about she is and I love the image of the lamp cover being tobacco stained - sounds like she sat near it often.

JahTeh said...

Therese, everything was tobacco-ed. She gave me a lovely string of crystal beads and I'd never seen golden crystals and didn't after I washed them. Every time I'd clean the mirrors or the glass coffee tables, even the glass doors, it would all be tobacco gold. She didn't smoke for the last two years of her life, in her nineties.

Sedgwick, be clear here, his bedroom or mine?

Then how come you're poor, Fleetwood? A talent like that should be marketed directly to a target audience. I see you have another sheep cartoon posted.

Brian Hughes said...

"Explains why I've oft heard wafting down the corridor leading to your bedroom breathless cries of "By the living Harry!""

Have you been lurking outside my bedroom door again, Sedgwick?

"A talent like that should be marketed directly to a target audience."

It is...she's called Michelle, and her self-imposed copyright law prohibits the use of my tongue for anything other than her own personal requirements.

"I see you have another sheep cartoon posted."

There are a lot of lonely Australians out there at the moment. I thought I'd post something to cheer them up.

R.H. said...

Your lampshade has a distinct charm, but would need to be in the appropriate setting.
I've got eleven lamps in my living room, all very valuable. There are fourteen more in the spare room -a few of which I've made myself from broken or discarded items (statuettes, etc).

I like lamps very much, and don't know why.


JahTeh said...

Rh, I spotted something on a blog the other day which you would like then. Teacup lights which are real teacups with a light fitting in the bottom so they hang upside down.
I'll try and find where they are.

JahTeh said...

Rh, lights.shtml

R.H. said...

Thanks Miss Jahteh, but my inclination is toward a bigger statement. My piece de resistance (que?) is a lady lamp in the form of the Statue of Liberty. It is 1.4 metres (about 4 feet 7") high and about seventy years old. I've been offered $1500 for it but will not sell it, of course.

Some of my other lamps are also figurine, including one I made myself from a large cherub that once supported a hall table.

The funny thing is I rarely switch these lamps on, just having them around is quite enough it seems (which is also my attitude to women nowadays).

JahTeh said...

We do have something in common then Rh, that's usually my attitude towards men.