Thursday, June 19, 2008


There was some chat a while ago in the comments at Pavlov's Cat about how delicious Coles Belgian chocolate with the mint crunchies was. I hadn't noticed it up until then so I tried a small block, delicious.

Today I walked into the supermarket and was met by a wall of Coles Belgian chocolate in the large large size and only 2 for $4.


So strong I only bought two blocks.

So strong I haven't eaten any yet.

I really need a backbone.


Lord Sedgwick said...

Cheltenham and Strathmore are obviously parallel lack of will universes for sheilas

She spotted that Belgian bargain.

Purchased same.

Moved onto another shop where she saw a pair of strides she liked but was miffed that her bum looked big in them and decided she needed to lose 4-5 kg.

Is she going to donate those two blocks of belgian calories to a worthy cause and hop on a treadmill?


Like that svelte crooner Pavlovarotti sang, "La donna mobile"! All of 'em.

(Now I'm off to demolish a few blocks of Copha washed down with a suet slurpie.)

R.H. said...

Coles Yarraville are selling maltesers: buy two packets for $5, save $1.71 a packet. Good, I bought two, and now I notice it's dark chocolate!

Done again.

Capitalist Dogs!

phil said...

Chocolate Backbone would be a good name for a band, yes?

R.H. said...

Phil I think there was a group called Hot Chocolate, and they were pretty good.

Ask Miss Brownie.

Anonymous said...

well done, I have nothing but adoration as usual.
morgana xxx

Brian Hughes said...

"I really need a backbone."'d far be too difficult to chuck you over the washing line to dry out after a night of debauchery if you had one of them.

Jayne said...

Hmmmm chocolate....HMMMMM DARK chocolate....
If it helps I'm willing to sacrifice my (long disappeared) waistline to save you from the Belgian chocolate, Jahteh... and those dark choccie maltesers, Robert :P

Davo said...

umm, thinks (most difficult job that have done all day .. heh).

Crude oil running out, not much corn (apart from the comment section on Copperwitch). Chocolate cheap. Coca .. oops .. Cocoa in supply. Perhaps someone can invent a way of pouring chocolate into fuel tanks?

R.H. said...

Rejected and made fun of, by cast iron balcony lady:

Two babies have been starved to death and you want gender-based critique.

For goodness sake.

You are a lunatic.

-That's what I said. And Jahteh, and all of you, can think whatever you like about me. There are things I'm ashamed of, honestly. But that comment isn't one of them.

R.H. said...

And davo, you old cunt, take care what you say about my darlings, you are more corn than a southern plantation.

River said...

I also bought the two for $4, one of them is half eaten already. Must be that sleepwalking midnight munchies side of me..........

Davo said...

From Davo's dictionary of definitions .. cunt (v,n,adverb?).. a repository of wisdom and adversity; can produce offspring; often abused.

JahTeh said...

Read the post and the comments Rh, and I have to agree that the defence for the father is rubbish. The man must have known what was going on, the smell along would have been enough so how could he say he didn't know. So many couples desperate for kids and these two breed.
I hope the swinging door didn't hit anything vital.
It seems you've had a bad day, dark chocolate maltesers, not good but white milk maltesers, yum.
I remember 'Hot Chocolate' singers and dancers on the Kenny Everett Show, much showing of flesh in the dancing.
Just to round off your rage, I see they're selling Dimmey's Richmond to re-developers. Highriser will not be pleased.

MiLord, I thought a Belgian bargain was Jean-Claude Vandamme in a cheap movie but then all his movies are cheap.

'Chocolate Backbone', that would be a hip-hop rap group then, eh Phil.

Morgana, email me. Don't make me scry for your whereabouts.

Fleetwood, I've had my nights of debauchery where I've eaten a whole box of Cadbury's Roses and drunk a bottle of Coca-cola.

Davo, Chocolate fuels my engine and don't go giving the multi-nationals any ideas. The last thing I need is a chocolate shortage.

Jayne, I refuse to give up my chocolate, it's my duty to save you from yourself. On the other hand you might be able to con Robbert out of his maltesers.

JahTeh said...

First me, then the Lady Livia, now River, just call us the Chocolate Sisterhood of Delight.

Lord Sedgwick said...

"I thought a Belgian bargain was Jean-Claude Vandamme in a cheap movie but then all his movies are cheap."

You philistine (no relation to Annie O'Dyne) you obviously haven't seen the famous Claude Vangötterdämmerung.

Lord Sedgwick said...

"First me, then the Lady Livia, now River, just call us the Chocolate Sisterhood of Delight."

I'm thinking "What Flakes" or at best (or worst) "Beulah, peel me a Laura Mars bar."

Anyhow I've gone for a Tosca.

JahTeh said...

Ha! If the three of us ever join forces in the middle of a peppermint crisp high you'll go for a burton never mind tosca.

R.H. said...

She's insane, cross my heart, corroded by hatred. Even the death of infants gets a feminist slant.

And: "Don't let the door hit your bum on your way out," she says.

What a joke.

She's got an arse that takes up the whole back seat of a taxi.

She can't fit through the turnstile at Coles, and last Monday week she got stuck in the doorway at Savers during their half-price sale and it took five homo staff and an African with a crowbar to get her out!

ha ha ha!

Ministry of Laughter

R.H. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kath Lockett said...

Yeah I spotted it too. Bought SIX blocks and ate 'em all. For RESEARCH purposes, you understand (see

JahTeh said...

Rh, you missed the point. It wasn't about the murder, it was about the way the media immediately pointed to the woman. I've read several news articles up until the father was charged and it was always 'blame the woman'. The Age even published from her FaceBook page. Now that they've both been charged I hope the blaming game evens out. The media has a lot to answer for and for once I hope Kevvie keeps his gob shut and lets the law decide before the mob.
You're not tolerated out of kindness, you comment here because (mostly) what you have to say is readable even if it's an opposing view. I thought the 'swinging door' was an elegant way to say 'piss off' and I'm saving it.

"Research purposes", I'm saving that one as well, Kath. If you're sending me to a whole blog devoted to chocolate I will short out this keyboard with drool.

R.H. said...

Apart from two women being murdered near where I live, this baby killing is the most upsetting case I've heard in a long time. And no, her posting on it wasn't about the actual murder, and that's exactly my point; it was only as an opportunity to squawk about silly feminism, which in her sick mind dominates every human concern.
And of course there's the little satellite group around her who share the pathology.
I've had a lot to do with the mentally ill. The stand out symptom is obsession, and I'll tell you, if that woman isn't mad then they may as well throw open the gates of the Thomas Embling.

Discuss feminism, sure, but don't make it the subject of a horrifying case like this, what's prominent here is not feminism, but (as in the ghastly murder of the two women I mentioned) unfeeling monsters who act this way.
Caring only for yourself is present to a degree in everyone, and people who take up causes are often pleading for themselves and no one else. I treat feminism as a joke -which it is. I also know it's a plaything appealing to the chic: the bourgeoisie (the feather-brained).
It gets particularly tiresome when it tries to hijack just about anything going. That's when it stinks most. The real differences between people are economic. Racism, feminism, and so on are just stooges doing a very good job of obscuring that fact.

My advice to everyone is don't be dependant on the approval of other people: don't merge yourself.
I'm lucky because I had a very unstructured (latte word) upbringing, which attached me to no one. It's unfortunate in a way, of course, but has given me an very independant view of things, and best of all, a laugh at what other people imagine is grave and important.
If you only live once there's the big chance of wasting it in obedience to other people. Don't do it. It may be chilly outside, but grovelling at their hearth isn't worth it.

JahTeh said...

Rh, from what I've read, this woman was crying out for help for a long time and I wouldn't be surprised if what everyone is calling post-natal depression has tipped over into post-natal psychosis. If that's the case then I'll have a lot of compassion for her but not for the father.

R.H. said...

find sympathy for the babies.

Middle Child said...

Chocolate is so good for you, its the other stuff like broccoli and spinach that does the harm

R.H. said...

Don't fear this feminist scum. They've no talent -nothing.
You're better off without them.

JahTeh said...

I haven't forgotten the innocents Rh, it's just that I've been in this position and it's terrifying to know you might kill your own child. I had the good sense to give him to my mother and look after him supervised and that was just post natal depression. In the l930's, two of my family were locked away because no one knew what it was and the cruellest thing was their children being told they were dead.

Funnily enough Therese I love broccoli with lemon juice and the broccocauli, that lovely greeny yellow veg. I've got some curried for tea tonight.