Thursday, July 31, 2008


This is me four years ago. Yes, I am wearing a crown of gold berries and frosted grapes, bite me.

This is me today. I don't look much different but I'm older due to the stress induced ageing of another year.

I still say I can cop to 59 for another 5 years.

I hope Selley's don't go out of the polyfiller business.

Of course, the colour of the bikini is not one a red head should wear but then I'm barely wearing

the bikini.

Keeps the seagulls away from the food though.


Bwca said...

you're not so old in Bat-Years, so rock ON!

That's So Pants said...

Hi Coppie

Very, very happy birthday to you.



Mikhela said...

59? I'd be going 'late forties' with a mysterious smile.

Kelly & Sam Pilgrim-Byrne said...

I'm with Mikhela... definitely late forties.


Frank said...

Stap me vitals! I, too would have said "no" to 59. You're obviously getting something very right. Have a terrific birthday.

Lord Sedgwick said...

It's a tricky decision. Play the 59 card for another 5 years or fess up and flash your Senior's Card with pride and panache.

At least the Senior's card exists and is useful, as opposed to the Mythikal Kostly Kosky Myki Kard.

By this time of day you should onto your third plate of profiteroles and well into your twenty-twelfth celebratory G'n'T ... at that point the lads on the fridge door will come to life.

(Draw the curtains right now lest nosey parker neighbours drop over to borrow a cup of your sugar-coated, long-lashed, green-eyed, biddable boys.)

Another Outspoken Female said...

Isn't 60 the new 30?

Happy birthday. It seems to be a fortuitous day for bloggers to be born, as am about to head off for another birthday. Have a great day.

Just like broken biscuits, calories consumed on birthdays have zero value :)

Jayne said...

Have a great happy birthday!
And you better get your photo id out, no one would pick you for 59 ;)

River said...

I don't know what you look like in real life, so I'd say admit to 35...with a big smile. Let 'em dare to contradict you.....

JahTeh said...

Thanks Bwca, I read that as 'bat-ears', must get eyes tested.

Pants, it will be very happy in about 10 minutes when I get out the gin bottle.

Mikhela, I don't even do the 'late forties', 'young at heart' is better.

Girls, late forties, very late forties.

JahTeh said...

Frank, in gay years I'd be invisible. As for doing something right, Harrison Ford's on my list for that.

M'Lord, my senior's card gives me 10% off a Wendy's ice-cream but I haven't applied for it yet. I might not need it if Powerball falls the right way tonight.

AOF, I'd be glad if 60 was the new 55. Healthy eating is the key, shame I've lost the lock.

Jayne, black forest cake was a bust. It's no fun when everyone says to eat it. I need to rebel.

River, Now I know I'm getting on, I really had to think what I was doing at 35. Probably eating.

Brian Hughes said...


Go round telling people you're eighty and they'll all say: "Never! You look so young." Saves lots of money on anti-aging creams.

JahTeh said...

I have a worldly face, but if things go right tonight, I'll have a wealthy worldly face.
How do you know I'm not eighty and lying?

Ampersand Duck said...

Hooray! May you have many happy blogging (and motherless) years ahead of you.

Here's my present. Let me know if you need the receipt ;)

Ann O'Dyne said...

OMG Duck - is anything going to BURST OUT of that cake?

JahTeh said...

Duck, you got the recipe wrong, it's large cake, medium bloke.

Ampersand Duck said...


I dunno, you fussy types...

JahTeh said...

Now that's better Ms Duck but I'm still now sure about the cake knife he's using, it looks a bit blunt.

Middle Child said...

Larfime guts out - where did you get that cake picture? ahr bloody har - its a classic

and is that why you are Copperwitch - because of the hair - its the best colour on the planet and no doubt the rarest these days - lucky you

Ozfemme said...

Well, that'll teach me not to read posts in their proper order.

You look fabulous and age is just numbers, so Pencils has told me.

Hope you had a brilliant time.

What an adorable cake. Almost inspires me to wear a bikini too. I said almost.