Monday, July 14, 2008


Moonstone is the secondary birthstone for June. It's characterised by a surface shimmer known as 'adularescence'. Moonstones from Sri Lanka shimmer pale blue on an almost transparent background.

Rene Lalique used moonstones to great effect in his Art Nouveau designs of the early 20th Century. The shimmer of the stones suiting the swirling leaf and vine natural shapes of this era. Since some of the stones had a cat's eye effect or a four-spoked star as well as the typical undulating shimmer, the stones were cut as cameos, or engraved with various images.
The moonstone belongs to the large mineral group of the feldspars, in particular, the variety known as 'adularia', a potassium alumino silicate of gemstone quality. The stone is also known as 'selenite' from the Greek 'selene' meaning moon.

The real beauty of moonstones is seen only after a craftsman has cut and polished them in the classic cabochon shape. The cutter must first determine the correct height of the finished stone and then align the axes of the crystal precisely into the zenith of the stone, bringing about the light/shimmer effect.

Moon stones are found in the USA, Brazil, Australia, Myanmar and Madagascar but good quality stones are becoming rare with prices rising accordingly. Along with the pale blue shimmering stones, Sri Lanka also produces a deep blue. India produces green, brown, orange stones as well as some with a smokey appearance or the colour of champagne.

The Mystical Lore of Moonstones.
This is the stone of the moon goddess Diana/Artemis so the most powerful time to use it is at the full moon.
Wearing a moonstone strengthens our intuition and our capacity to understand.
It is also called the "lovers stone" and if given to another when the moon is full you'll always have passion for each other. If apart, it can re-unite lovers who have quarrelled.
It is a personal stone, reflecting the qualities of the person who owns it.
Moonstone is a stone of inner growth and strength and while considered to be a woman's gem it can be beneficial to men in opening the emotional self.
To revitalize the healing properties it's important to place the stone in the glow of the moon reaching its fullness, not a full or waning moon.


River said...

I used to want to buy a moonstone, but every time I was at the charm shop they'd "just sold out" or they were "expecting a new shipment soon", or the colour I wanted wasn't available. Guess I wasn't meant to have one.........
Someone did say once that if I was meant to have one it would come as a gift. I've had gifts of carnelian, citrine, magnetite (lodestone),hematite, etc, never a moonstone.

Brian Hughes said...

I always thought that moonstones was another name for piles.

Mikhela said...

I thought moonstones were the Cancer stone - you know, ruled by the moon and all that (I'm a Cancer)

Lord Sedgwick said...

"I always thought that moonstones was another name for piles."

... as worn by Bert Newton.

(Sorry Broyan, that's an in Oz joke ... a VERY BAD in Oz joke ... as you might expect.)

Dysthymiac said...

don't knock MoonFace -
wasn't he 'Victorian Of The Year'?

The moon is so bright here tonight that the birds are singing and it's 10pm!

JahTeh said...

Me too, River, or it's been put into jewellery that's too expensive. I have barred myself from gem shops, it's too painful.

Only when you're doing the mooning Fleetwood.

Mikhela, I get mixed up with this as there's the birthstone for the month, then the astrological month and then the revised and up to date versions.
I'm a Leo but I think I'm ruled more by the moon.

Thank you M'Lord, my stomach just turned over.

Whatever you're smoking Dysth, put it out. It wasn't moonlight here but cold it was.

River said...

I'm a Leo too-August.

JahTeh said...

All the very best people are Leos, we have no ego.

Lord Sedgwick said...

. tell that to Lady Livia, another of your leonine fellow travelers.

Middle Child said...

What lovely stones - funny to think that under the grass and rubble and grit are stones with such colour and light to make you want to just look and touch -

JahTeh said...

A very fine woman is the Lady Livia, ready to ignore your Lordship's shortcomings.

Own, Therese, you forgot own never mind just the looking.