Saturday, July 12, 2008


"The hardest part about doing nothing is trying to explain yourself to people burdened with a life full of somethings".

I can't attribute that to anyone but I found it on a forum at DeviantArt. Haven't we all had people with a life full of somethings annoying us?

The us, being the ones lolling about doing nothing and thoroughly enjoying it.


phil said...

"Something in the way she moves..."

Yep, that'll be the something.

Lord Sedgwick said...

"... lolling about doing nothing and thoroughly enjoying it."

Keep it up, my favorite lolly gobble bliss bomb you.

River said...

I'm one of the lolling about doing nothing people,(totally ignoring the 4 hours spent manning the checkout every morning.)

Anonymous said...

I have a very active inner life.

(I have to go now)


JahTeh said...

I try to move as little as possible Phil, but never get in my way if there's chocolate on offer.

OMG, M'Lord, I remember lolly gobble bliss bombs, vile things. I see the nag escaped the PAL factory again.

River, don't you hate those people who tell you how they filled the last 24 hours with work, the kind you and I would avoid like the plague. I always think 'those people' would curl up and die if they had to relax for two minutes.

JahTeh said...

I also have a very active inner life C. Ever had a stomach full of chocolate and potato crisps? Very active inner life.

Gerry said...

I'd really love it if you would do one of the following:


A: Change my blog's listing to "diogenesian discourse"


B: Remove it from you blogroll.

Your call, JahTeh.


Brian Hughes said...

"The us, being the ones lolling about doing nothing and thoroughly enjoying it."

Or when it comes to Global Warming and overweight flatulent people:

"The U.S. being the ones lolling about doing nothing and thoroughly enjoying it."

Middle Child said...

at a small worlsd - I was just looking at my niece's deviant art thingie she calls Kitty me

she does good stuff if a little spartan

Jayne said...

I have a stomach full of cabbage soup - does that count as an active inner life whilst I loll about on the couch crocheting a monkey puzzle blanket?
Or is it just wind? :P

Dysthymiac said...

I'd like you to change my Link name to
That Fabulous Fkn Woman.
or remove it.
your call.
Your list.
You write it how you bloody want.

Me and Pants drove the Great Fkn Ocean Road today.
We never want to see it again.
We can however, recommend the excellent waitress at The Arab in Lorne.

Andrew Highriser said...

Can you change my blog listing to 'Hot Andrew' or remove it please. Now R is, and he tells me, he is very good at doing nothing. Sadly I am not. We sometimes clash.

So what did Bwca and Pants do to with the Arab waitress that they can recommend her?

R.H. said...

Goodness, how NON-SEQUITUR.

ol' Grouch and should be ashamed.

Jayne said...

The Great Fkn Ocean RD would have been horrible in that weather, BWCA!

River said...

Worse than people who tell about their work are the ones who tell you about their day. MINUTE BY MINUTE. Well, I did this and it took me 6 minutes and 20 seconds, then I went to the toilet, then I washed my hands and went outside. I trimmed the roses, that took me about an hour, no wait, it was more like 45 minutes, then I .....
and so on, as if every single SECOND has to be accounted for. Right down to how many book pages they read and how many potatoes they've cooked for dinner, and how long THAT took them. BLEH!!!

JahTeh said...

Done, oh grizzling bear of very little humour and patriachal demands. I hope SWMBO hides your cab sav and puts placebos in your medication.

Fleetwood, how can you say that, when those gallant U.S. overweights are working hard to bomb half the world back to the stone age.

Thanks Therese, I love going to Deviant Art. I'll follow that up.

I think Jayne that you would come into Fleetwood's flatulent group of layabouts. You're not still trying that soup diet are you?

FFW O'Dyne, FFS why did you not go from Colac to Laver's Hill then straight to the interesting bits?
I can't stand Lorne, go to Port Fairy, the food's better.

*Hot Andrew* *snigger* What about "nearly over the hill luke warm Shirley"?

Rh, I thought you were on the way to Tassie?

Jayne, you are so right, I can almost feel the biting southern wind.

River, you will never get that from me, I can't remember what I did 10 minutes ago but I'm told it's good exercise for the brain to remember the last 24 hours. Joking they are, I'm lucky to fill in a small diary entry at midnight.

phil said...

"What would you like, sir?"

"I'll have the excellent waitress, please."

You know how far that'd get me.

Lord Sedgwick said...

"And how would sir like his waitress phillet done? Well done, mediu... ?"

JahTeh said...

Yes Phil, right in front of Mrs VVB's cricket bat.

Speaking of bats, another one for M'Lord.

Lord Sedgwick said...

Ah, so you've noticed my willowy figure.

JahTeh said...

Willowy, M'Lord, synonym for scrawny?

Lord Sedgwick said...

... perchance, "batty"?

In the weilding of the 'Kookaburra' sense ... but more likely in the 'lost marbles' sense.

Actually I lost those at Bert Wainer's East Melb clinic a fair few decades ago.

The operator who removed my capacity to populate the world and perish did his slice, dice, snip and saute with a scalpel in one hand and a salad sanger in the other.

Ridgy-didge true story. Obviously back in the days before Slater and Gordon existed.

No wonder I'm a fully paid up carnivore. (Despite what the Seekers would have you believe, the carnivore is NOT over!)

JahTeh said...

I didn't know Bert did snips, I thought it was only scrapes.

I salute you for not polluting the world with more Sedgwicks. You should have been named Vic of the Year.

Gerry said...

JahTeh, at the end of the day you can list me anyway you like. I was just telling you what my preferences were. If you think I was being patriarchal, hey, why not just remove the link. C'mon, show me who's boss. You know you want to... I'm getting pretty fed up with gender politics, I can tell you...