Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I have to admit I am a sword & scorcery, fantasy film nerd. I even liked 'BeastMaster' and 'Conan the Barbarian'. So cheap day at the movies found me watching Hellboy 2 and the Golden Army.

Story so so, special effects great, Ron Perlman fantastic as Hellboy.

Fashionwise I loved the red silk sash worn by the evil elf prince.

You'll never think about tooth fairies the same way again.

The seats at the Europa theatre were a bit snug and not as soft on the rear as Gold Class.

'Journey to the Centre of the Earth' starts tomorrow and I'm hoping for Gold Class as I have another upgrade courtesy of Magnum ice-creams which explains why the seat felt a bit snug in Europa class.

Hellboy fans don't miss this on the big screen.


Brian Hughes said...

"You'll never think about tooth fairies the same way again."

No more mental images of 'em nailed up to a barn door in rows?

Lord Sedgwick said...

I even liked 'BeastMaster' and 'Conan the Barbarian'

So you even like Malcolm 'BeastMaster' Important and his blonde bumshell, Helen "the face that launched a thousand shrieks" Coonan.

.. thought not, was just being vexatious, fancy that!

JahTeh said...

I said I liked fantasy not horror. I've been to your blog, swine.

No spoilers for the film, Fleetwood. I don't want you to miss all the good bits.

Brian Hughes said...


Don't worry I won't miss any of 'em. You can't miss what you're never going to see.

River said...

Can you believe I've never heard of Hellboy? I have seen Beastmaster and Conan the Barbarian. The kids loved them.

JahTeh said...

Aw, Fleetwood, you're one of them intalecshuls aren't ya?

River, you have me, a child at heart.