Friday, October 31, 2008


600 little crocheted squares.

20 rows across.

30 rows down.

All crocheted together now.

Four rows of double crochet around the edge and it's done.

Bloody thing measures 6 feet by 4 feet.

Because it's going to bushfire country, it's all pure wool, just in case.

Four rows of double crochet, just four more rows but hot damn it looks good.


River said...

600 little squares. That's a LOT of work. You're going to post pictures before you send it off aren't you? Please, please, pretty please?? With a cherry on top?

JahTeh said...

I will be taking photos because this might be the last big sized one I make. The arthritic hands had a bit of trouble lifting the weight and wielding the crochet hook. It took me an hour to sew down the 30 square row so that's 20 hours just on that bit. It's going to an appreciative home.

Jayne said...

Certainly hope they're going to mount it under glass and on the wall where no one can touch it, J :P
Just sit and admire the gazillions of hours and stitches!

JahTeh said...

Jayne, the beauty of this rug is that it never wears out, not for 10years at least. I don't think I've done the full size for at least 15 years and now I know why.

Brian Hughes said...

Informative and detailed posting. That's what known as blanket coverage.

JahTeh said...

Just like the blizzards in Pomland.