Monday, October 06, 2008


The eye test was okay. A very minor difference from 2001 so I'm only up for one pair of frames and two sets of lens. If you keep something long enough, you'll use it and that goes for a pair of gold metal frames from 1976. They're just for reading and it saved me a heap of money.

The frames these days are so tiny it's like looking through a letter box slit. The glasses I wear for best were sunglasses and I made OPSM put clear lens in the frame. Stupids, I'm paying and I know what I want, big glasses so I have peripheral vision.

Two weeks and I'll have distance specs without the left lens falling out and reading glasses that I don't have to tape to my nose because the arms are at two different angles.

How hard is it to look and check when I tell them I have one ear higher than the other when they're trying to jam an arm where there's nothing to hold it?

My Seniors card hasn't arrived so I couldn't get a discount at the ice-cream parlor and to round off an annoying day, some sweet young thing rang and offered me a free hearing test, as though I was old.


River said...

Hmpf!! Everytime I want new lenses in old frames they tell me it can't be done. Something about the new lenses being the wrong shape and not fitting in properly or the frames being weakened by putting in the original lenses. Whatever. anyway I now go to the extreme of laybying new frames then having the eye test once they're paid off. And I'm going back to OPSM next time. The local optician has done my last two sets of lenses and I'm not really happy with them.

JahTeh said...

River, I walked all over Southland checking out the special offers but the best range was still OPSM and they keep records for 10 years. The old gold frames weren't as fine as the ones they have now and the only difference was no warranty.
I really want rimless glasses with the arms held on with nice diamond flowers. That comes under the heading of 'keep dreaming'. Not even on layby could I afford them.

Middle Child said...

Hey what?