Friday, October 03, 2008


Ahem, a senior's moment but only by one day.


This will be thr first of my postings when I get past the acute blogger's block. (I think I might have managed to do that)

I have opinions on just about eveything but I'll be kind to you and keep most of them to myself. (I think I lied about this one)

I lean to the left politically, dislike discrimination and support Gay and Lesbian Rights. (Nothing's changed)

If you want sports news, I can't help you. The same with reality TV shows, I have enough drama in the backyard without watching Survivor somewhere else. (I think I still had three cats at this stage and mother was just about to go troppo)

I don't do drugs, drink, gamble or get laid which makes me stick my hand in the toaster some mornings to see if I'm alive. (I didn't specify prescription drugs, pokie machines, Bombay Sapphire and hadn't yet discovered the joys of Internet nekked blokes)

My mind has a tendency to ramble and fall out of my mouth without thinking. (Oh bloody hell, three years on and nothing has changed)


Brian Hughes said...

"My mind has a tendency to ramble and fall out of my mouth without thinking."

Ditto...which is why I tend to shoehorn mine back up my arse using whiskey as a lubricant.

River said...

Geez, Brian, after years of that kind of treatment it's no wonder your mind is a bit scrambled.

Andrew said...

Wish I had written something similar to compare back to. Oh, and happy 3rd blogging birthday, blah blah.

Miles McClagan said...

I'm really proud of you making it to three years...I'm about 3 months in, and I'm completely stuffed as to what to write about...

Have some cake!

phil said...

happy blogversary

word verification code was kqwiz, kind seems appropriate

Brian Hughes said...


I'm not sure if that makes me a connoisseur of Scotch or an expert in berbal diorheah. Possibly both. Probably just a borderline alcoholic.

Kelly & Sam Pilgrim-Byrne said...

And how wonderful for us that you haven't changed, JT!

Jayne said...

Yay happy whatsits for your 3rd blogoversary!

Dear Lordy, I have mental images of a bloke shoving something nasty up his backside with a bottle of cheap Cutty Sark Scotch....(oh the nightmares!!!!).

JahTeh said...

Fleety, Sedgers always said you talked out of your arse.

River, with the size of his nether regions, it's a wonder he can find his mind.

Hot Andrew, I bet your first post was some gorgeous twinky who didn't need words.

Miles, you have to stop posting "Gone with the Wind" every day. There's at least three blog entries in every post. I keep reading and thinking, the lad'll do hisself an injury if he keeps beating his brain up like this. Of course Tassie has a lot to blog about, with the bogans and the stabbings and Mcclagan's lack of a love life.

Thank you Phil, when's the house warming? We'll all come.

Ah, Muriels and here we are again with fingers and toes crossed, right back where we started.

Jayne, nightmare is right and just like him to use cheap whiskey but at least he won't get ulcers.