Saturday, October 25, 2008


The last post was Friday not Thursday. It was late and I changed the date for some reason so I thought it was time I was in bed.
I like a shower at night, it relaxes me. A shower in the morning is wasted on the day's dramas.
I sprinkle lavender oil on the pillow and drift off to sleep. The only one snoring is me and I don't hear myself.
That's usually the plan but last night when the soothing stream of hot water hit me so did the hot water tap. The little knob (shut up Hughes) that holds the handle on flew off and so did the tap.
The thing is small, my glasses are outside on the vanity basin.
I found the handle and put that back but I had to scrabble around the tiles with my toes to find the other thing. And screwing it on, oh fun, because the spindle had to be pulled out from the wall so I could put the tap handle on properly before I could get the screw thingy on.

And do you think I wasn't praying the hot water wouldn't run out before I could turn the tap off.


River said...

I'm betting that from now on you'll be checking that everything is screwed on nice and tight before you turn the water on.

Miles McClagan said...

I'll tell you what is screwed...the I right folks? Am I right? this thing on?

Brian Hughes said...

"...last night when the soothing stream of hot water hit me so did the hot water tap."

That's it...I need a cold shower myself now.

JahTeh said...

River, I'm very cautious about midnight showers after the affair of the not lit pilot light and now something else to check.

Laugh Miles Laugh, never a bloke around when you really need one but flip the top of a beer can and there's a stampede.

Jeebus, but there's a headline, POM HAS WASH!
A hypercaust is looking good right now. *Thinks to self* if I haven't spelt that right he'll be on me like a centurion on a druid.

Brian Hughes said...


I've no idea how to spell it myself...and the centurian on the druid reamrk would only apply if the druid had shapely legs...although, having said that, some of those centurians weren't fussy at all.

Jayne said...

Keep a spanner handy in the bathroom, J, right alongside of the towels and bath salts.
It'll make an interesting talking point when *ahem* gentlemen callers pop around ;)

JahTeh said...

Well what could you expect of blokes wearing skirts in the cold air of Britain.

Jayne, that comment is so wrong on so many levels I'm still laughing. My mind is not getting any cleaner with age.

Middle Child said...

'm with Hughes - its a littl bit like foxymoron'spulling off the oven door...we women don't know our strength

JahTeh said...

Laugh, Therese, but I did pull off the oven door. I didn't know they came off to be cleaned and I was trying to clean the inside of the oven and leaned on it. As far as I'm concerned oven doors should open to the side. I wonder why they stopped doing that?

Unknown said...


how funny!


happy Halloween!