Friday, October 17, 2008


Pardon, while I wipe up the drool. This is droolworthy.
It's a natural pink, raspberry shade of pink, Nigerian Tourmaline of 8.64 carats, 11.7 x 12.4 mm.
The Nigerian source of tourmaline has been almost worked out so a stone of this size is rare.
It's set in white gold with 0.34 carat weight of diamonds to frame the cushion cut gem and accent the bail where the chain goes through. The diamonds are set in a semi bezel which echoes the cushion cut shape.
A white gold chain set with tiny diamonds would be elegant for night wearing but just a plain one for day. I wouldn't want to be ostentatious or anything.
You have to admit this would be a fine substitute for Burmese ruby and keep loot out of the Junta's pockets.


Brian Hughes said...

"This is droolworthy."

It looks like the eyeball from one of the martians on War of the Worlds.

Jayne said...

Mine, my precious, it's all miiiiiiiiine!

JahTeh said...

Fleetwood, as one who diets regularly and is invariably crazed by lack of anything enjoyable, I'm letting that remark go past. It's either the diet or you have no taste for the exquisite and expensive, of which I am both.

Jayne, it's a largish piece probably too large for you to wear comfortably so I'll take up the burden so git yer grimy paws orf it.

River said...

I like the colour of the stone, but as a pendant it does nothing for me. No drooling here.

JahTeh said...

Yes, it's the colour that is superb and the whole pendant is just a bit over an inch long.

Middle Child said...

So lovely...that the earth and mankind who is earth as well could together produce such a thing. Thanks

JahTeh said...

I never grow tired of looking into crystals whether they're made into jewellery or not. Most of the time they're better untouched.