Wednesday, November 26, 2008


As if I haven't got enough trouble with MM (tm) who rings at strange hours with stranger stories and then says she's going to sleep now but always wakes up to start the cycle again.

The weather. I know it's Melbourne and it's still spring and we can have 48 season changes in 24 hours but give me a break.

Sun and warmth this morning so I hauled the kingsize wool filled doona out to the line for a sunbake which is supposed to kill all manner of germs, mites and mould that are using it for b&b.

Suddenly it's all cloud and rumblings and not my stomach but actual thunder. Damn I'm in the middle of another batch of leaf bundles (bloody council) and I have to gallop, well, hurry quite as fast as the tin knees will carry me round to the line.

I'm having a problem with the Hills Hoist. It has developed a lean to one side and has decided to rotate only one way. Bolshie bloody Hills. So the doona is on the opposite side to me and I reach up a give the line a good swing to bring it round to starboard. It rebounds like a whale researcher off a Greenpeace protester and nearly takes my head, arm and fingernails. AND it's raining AND lightning AND thundering and I'm trying not to drop the doona in the bindii that masquerades as a lawn.

I have scratches from branches, bruises from tree trunks and insults from the Hills and Mother.
I am an inch away from hiding under the bed until next year. If it wasn't for Kevvie's promised loot which I now intend to spend entirely on gin and chocolate, I'd be going under except I haven't vac'd under there for a loooooong time and I wouldn't want to disturb the ecosystem.

I had one of those nights this week when I didn't want to put my feet out of the bed. We all have those nights, don't we, don't we, right?


Jayne said...

We got the thunder but not a drop!
Of rain OR gin.

*WV is gentedic, how very Frankie Howerd for Sedgers and Fleetwood!

JahTeh said...

Jayne, I had rain and it's thundering now with clouds again. The sheets are still out there but I hear rainwater softens cotton.

Went to put whiskettes out for the old tom cat last night and my back step had slugs, big slugs. I have a thing about slugs and I nearly stepped on them. No wonder I have nightmares.

Am I missing something in that comment?

River said...

Reminds me of the day recently when I woke up to brilliant blue skies, warm sunshine, gentle breezes and decided to wash my bedding. Sheets. woollen underlay, pillowcases, all 6 of them,and the quilt cover. Then my dressing gown and pj's as well. Hung the feather/down quilt in the sun, pegged out the pillows for some germ killing sun. Came inside to make a coffee and watched in disbelief as the sky clouded over. Rescued the quilt and pillows, spent the rest of the day feeding loads through the dryer because it felt like it was going to rain any second now. As soon as everything was dry and the bed re-made, the sun came back out for the last half hour before sunset. No rain.

JahTeh said...

River, would you believe the sheets are still out there but I am going to bring them in today, honest.

Helen said...

You've been larnin' HTML!

(Word verification = cackr. *Cacks self*)

Middle Child said...

Don't you just love all the rich folk on radio and in the paper getting their knickers in a knot because shock gasp horror, people may actually do something they want to do with the money from Kev. I am sure as they step into their humungus 4wheel drives with designer clothes and shoes for a night at a swank restaurant, they feel quite injured to imagine that for a few days the hoi poloi might actually be able to have a little treat or two. Sounds like that Hills is out to get you...a curse on all its houses