Monday, November 03, 2008


Yes, yes, yes, at long last. I measured it in its finished state and no wonder it weighs a ton, 94 inches by 67 inches which is a lot bigger than in the pattern but exactly the same 600 squares. Now I have to find someway to photograph it.
Forget the rules about blocking it with a damp cloth and just the hands. I ran a steam iron over it on a very low setting.

A new iron is going on my shopping list now. When the last one died from old age, I decided to buy a cheap one for the few bits of ironing that I can't get out of. False economy, never do it.

There are no descriptions on the temperature dial except max and min. The water tank is so small it adds time to ironing by having to fill it constantly. The cord isn't long enough unless you're sitting on the power point. And there's no heat in it. It's heat not hard pressing that irons clothes.

So I'm looking for wattage, long cord, temperature details, ergonomic design and getting it on sale would be a bonus. I don't need an ironing board. The Matron of Honour at my wedding bought me that and it's outlasted the marriage, the husband and her friendship.


Andrew said...

Lol at your ironing board. Irons just don't seem to get hot like they used to. Although ours was much reduced, its original price was something like $80. It is good, but still does not get so hot.

Brian Hughes said...

"Now I have to find someway to photograph it."

A camera usually does the trick.

JahTeh said...

You can't get ironing boards like that anymore. Matronofhonour was upwardly mobile snobbish but last I heard wealthy husband had dudded her out of divorce settlement and house then found himself a younger model as they do. And you wonder why I don't look to facebook for old friends.

There must be some witty way to answer Fleetwood, nope, smartarse is the only remark that comes to mind. Diet doing well? Haven't made the cat into sausages yet?

Lad Litter said...

That ironing board must have a half-life to rival nuclear waste. For God's sake don't tell Erik von Daniken about it. It must have been invented by aliens, you know.

Brian Hughes said...


I've learned how to cope with this diet now. I just ignore it and eat what I want.

Jayne said...

Main road near Huntingdale train station - I think it's Huntingdale Rd - is the Kambrook factory outlet with uber cheap irons that are normally gazllions of moolah.
Cast your baby blues over the innards of the store, might find many a bargain there for Christmas pressies, too.

River said...

I never iron anything anymore. Not even my work clothes. Shirts go straight onto a hanger from the line while they're still warm from the sun and any creases just fall out. After I've worn them a few minutes they all look the same anyway, ironed or not.

JahTeh said...

I have a real soft spot for ol' Von Daniken. He should have written just the one book but he shot himself in the foot by writing even more fantastical ones.
He never did get to build Von Daniken Land in Europe, couldn't raise the loot.

Fleetwood, you'll be sorry when the Christmas gourmandising starts and you've got no leeway.

Jayne, it might as well be in Canberra for me to get to and luckily I don't have to buy presents. People I like get I.O.Us which is what this rug is, last year's present.

River, I do that all the time but I have a habit of throwing the summer dresses in the basket when Autumn comes and now I'm staring summer in the face so I had to iron.

Ann O'Dyne said...

congratulations on the project completion.
I had a daughter once, and my husband said she was the only thing I ever finished.

The ironing board is a fabulous construct.
Excellent as a table beside computer chair, for laying out pages and papers.
Years ago Evelyn Krape had a one-woman show she did lying on an ironing board. brilliant.

nailpolishblues said...

Ah, Von Daniken Land - I'd save all my pennies to see that.

River said...

Nope, you're doing it wrong. Take the summer dresses out of the basket (where they've become stale anyway from being crushed in together), toss them in the washer, hang to dry and put them straight on hangers.Or hang them on hangers then peg those to the line. Don't iron anything. See?

JahTeh said...

Annie O, I have been known to use this board as a buffet table because the table was full of craft stuff and I wasn't moving it.

Nails, he really is an old fraud. In the "old days" before the internet you couldn't check his so-called facts but now anybody can.

River, walking to the washing machine, walking to the line, walking back to the line to get clothes, walking to the bedroom to hang them up. Are we seeing a problem here? Ironing dresses - sitting down and one walk to hang them up once a year.

Middle Child said...

I have recently learned this valuable lesson about buying irons

JahTeh said...

Therese, I think it's the short cord that sends me over the edge more than anything else.