Thursday, December 11, 2008


I bought a new mouse.
It has a flat plug to go into a USB.
My old mouse has a round plug.
It fits the computer, the new one doesn't.
I would have known that if it hadn't been tucked away inside a layer of plastic and four tonnes of cardboard with no indication of a flat plug anywhere on the packaging.
Now I have to take it back.
I am not paying squillions to get a wireless laser zippitydodah mouse.
I'll just have to get along without the scrolling thingy.

Just to drive myself a little crazier. I plugged in the keyboard that came with the computer and remembered why I still use the $20 one from Big W.
That keyboard is free range, the one I'm using at the moment is caged.
I don't have midget type fingers. I need room to move and it has no spring in the keys. My fingers are getting sore already. It also moves on one side while the other sticks to the desk. And it's black so I can't see it in the dark.

I have blisters on my feet too.

The Universe hates me.


River said...

Do yourself and your fingers a favour and stick with the keyboard that works best for you. None of us out here want to miss out on your posts because your fingers are too sore to type anything. Can't offer any help with the blistered feet, sorry.

Jayne said...

Wireless meece batteries suddenly run out of zip right when you're in the middle of writing a brilliant essay on the benefits of

Andrew said...

I think you can buy an adaptor for the mouse plug to usb....but you sound like you will stick with the old one. Our keyboard is black and looks much nicer than grey but you are right, it is hard to see at night without full lighting. I manage until I need something like this, £

Ampersand Duck said...

I was going to say what Andrew said. It'll be a lot easier to buy the plug converter than replace everything else. Crank-making, anyhoo.

Middle Child said...

I am with you re the black keyboard, and my one is all curvy like some sort of whatever? Why...all the gadgets on it i don't know how to use...the bastard "book editor" I had to deal with buggered up my dear old keyboard by using it like a hammer.

I never wear shoes with a back in them blisters...its because of a big bony heel spur...nearly gone now...

JahTeh said...

River, I'll be going back to it but it needs a good clean first. I can't believe how dirty the keys are.

Jayne, I'd heard about the wireless running out of zip but they were so expensive I didn't even consider them.

Andrew, mouse now has an adapter. I tell you it's worse than choosing a toothbrush or toothpaste.

Duckie, who knew about adapters and converters? What I needed was a ten-year-old.

Therese, I remember the trouble you had with him, sounds like he took out his internalised anger on everything.
I had a try of all the laptops when I was at Dick Smith's and those keyboards are worse and I don't know how they manage to write on Blackberries.

UPS Power Solutions said...

I think you can buy an adaptor for the mouse plug to usb