Tuesday, December 16, 2008


And I do it so well.

Why does one get so many other things done when procrastinating (using it a lot, I can spell it) about not doing the things that should be done?

I walked to the fabric cupboard this afternoon, just for one piece of material and only one so why was I still there two hours later.

I was looking at a tidy fabric shelf. Every metre neatly folded and colour coded.

Note the 'metre'. When I fancied that I might try patchwork back last century, I didn't know what a 'fat quarter' was or that you only needed smallish pieces of fabric. I went berserk and ordered everything I liked, in metres. I've made dresses and nightdresses out of this stock.

I ended up with two boxes and one book to cover and it took an hour to choose the right fabric for each one and I haven't started on the ribbons yet. I can't start the covering because it's raining again and I daren't do anymore lethal spraying in the lounge or my lungs with give out completely.

This was after I finished hand sewing the necks and cuffs on next year's winter dresses and since I won't be needing them until next winter, I'm forgetting about sewing four miles of hem until May 2009 when I discover I haven't hemmed them. I'll just pop them in dress bags and walk quietly away.

This was before my role as peace negotiator (wing it, I can't be bothered with mundane spelling) was required. Sister is still refusing to speak to mother. Mother needs something so rings me to ring her and ask. Sister sends friend across the road, that's right, across the road with the needed somethings and rings me to say what's she done. Mother rings me to say they've arrived and proceeds to complain that she's been left alone all day and hasn't eaten except for the meals on wheels dessert which was nice but she can't remember what it was and tea might be nice but it has a funny name and she hopes it doesn't taste funny and she's tired because of all the housework she'd done (que?) and which I'd forgotten to do yesterday before I rushed off and no there isn't punctuation in this because the bloody woman never drew breath.

I refuse to see anyone on Christmas Day. I'm not home. I'm going away or I'm staying home to cover the house in fabric including the doors.


phil said...

In which case you'll be Christowitch.

Word verification is gesse which I'm gessing is geese?

R.H. said...

How silly. Why make dresses to wear in May next year based on your current size? You'll be down to 100 Kilograms by then.

Richmond has signed up Ben Cousins.
No other team had the knackers to do it.

Go Tigers!


Ampersand Duck said...

I love that phrase 'back last century'. Only 8 or 9 years, goddamit, but so evocative. I'm adopting it.

And I'm doing everything around the house except the stuff that needs doing, so hugs from afar.

Jayne said...

I know of a stable that could do with a little decor reno....;)

LMAO word verification, for a post mentioning Procrastination, is "later".

JahTeh said...

Unless you're a scotsman Phil, then it would be more like 'a big gesse'

Rh, I make the kind of pattern that goes up or down with me and 100kgs, oh the dreaming of the man.

So Richmond did it. Let's hope he can stand the pressure of staying away from the substance because it can only send a good message to kids.

Duckie, who wants to do the usual things around the house? Tis the season to rat around in the cupboards and drawers and find whatever got lost through the year.
That phrase is the ultimate putdown for teens, "That's nothing new. I was doing that last century."

Jayne, it should have said 'much later'. I am constantly renovating this house. I have a folder of cut-outs that show exactly how it now looks in my mind.

River said...

Are you sure we're not long lost sisters? Just last week I went to the linen cupboard for a cloth to toss outside to hubby an hour later I stood back and admired my oh-so-tidy, sorted-folded-stacked shelves. Felt all warm and glowy I did. Spent an hour wandering around in Spotlight today, looking for fabric to make new table napkins. Didn't find what I wanted, but I found some polar fleece in colours to match my curtains, so there'll be new throw rugs on the couches next winter.

R.H. said...

The media control all messages and don't care a damn for anyone.

sexy said...