Monday, January 19, 2009


This evening dress was such a joy to stand and stare at which is what Antikva and I did at the Bendigo Art Gallery yesterday, frequently backing into other bloggers doing the same thing.
The dress was by Antonio del Castillo for Lanvin Castillo, made in silk zibeline by Staron and embroidered by Lesage in Paris, 1957.
If you put it up as wallpaper, you'll be able to see the chenille-work, with sequins, beads and stones.
It is timeless and could easily be worn on a red carpet today but by only a few 'stars' with the class to carry it off. We aren't talking Paris or Britney here.
Before slathering over the frocks, our little blogging group gathered in the park behind the Bendigo Art Gallery. Unfortunately for me, we were sitting on the ground, not the type of thing I do with any elegance. I don't care what Lord Sedgwick said, the rotunda down the steep slope was preferable to the elephant hitting the pine needles on top of the hill.
It's always nice to put faces to blogposts and find out we are all mad, artistic, fantastic, absurdly thin in figure and fabulously beautiful enough to make the Gods of Olympus jealous. Well, really! Does this blog ever lie?
The gift shop had book on jewellery and fashion but I was good and only bought the catalogue of the exhibition. Such shiny pages, so much drool.
A thoroughly lovely day and no animals were harmed by the driving of Miss O'Dyne.
PS. never miss an opportunity to hit the cafes and cake shops of Malmesbury. The orange and coconut flourless cake almost came up to the perfection of the exhibition. I should have asked if they deliver.


Andrew said...

The non-chivalrous Lord Sedgwick did not bring you a chair? Sounds like it was a fun day, except for looking at old dresses.

JahTeh said...

Andrew, that would be divine old dresses and Dame M would have loved the exhibition. As for MiLord, I would have sat on him but he moves faster than blowies at a bbq.

antikva said...

I love the beading on that dress. I think I'm still awe struck. Although whether it was the fantastical bloggers I met or the haute couture, I am not sure.

Next time I am down your way place your order :-)

River said...

That is one gorgeous dressSo how many friends did you meet up with? Sounds like a wonderful time was had. Could you phone that cake shop and see if they deliver?

Jayne said...

Looks fantastic :)
Hope there's more photos of the splendid works of art ;)

Cast Iron Balcony said...

Nice to see you JT! That park and cafe are really quite useless, really, shady-places-to-sit wise. They need to work on that.

W/v = Opsemat, which obvs I should have brought to sit on.

Lord Sedgwick said...

Shirl, I would have let her sit on me, however if the good burghers of Bendigo prosecute innocent tourists for drinking of alcohol in their parks I fear that the penalty for such flagrant frottaging in public would likely be hanging, drawing and quartering.

JahTeh said...

Antikva, never make me promises about cake and I'm sorry I didn't get to taste your pavlova. It must have been the heat, it's the only reason I can think of to forget a pavlova not two feet away from me.

River, there were ten of us all up, hardened bloggers and not a sign of Robbert in the bushes.

Jayne, as soon as I stop drooling over the book, I'll scan some more. I did get the horrors looking at that boned underwear. Bras are necessary if you don't want to trip over but a girdle is an instrument of torture.

Helen, some more seats near that water feature would have been nice and the seats inside were not made for people with dodgy knees.

Let it be known that Lord Sedgwick didn't see the frocks, too busy breaking the non-boozing laws of the Bendigo Park.

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