Sunday, February 01, 2009


I'm using that heading because it's as far as I got when the internet connection went bust for the fourth time.

It was such a fun week.

Mother survived, again.

Miss O'Dyne was up early in this morning's comparative coolth to give my garden some CPR. (Her opinion of my gardening credentials is unbloggable)

I came out of Southland on Friday to see a huge pall of smoke seemingly close to home which worried me but it turned out to be the fire near the power lines in End. Hills.

Southland movie theatres were 'House Full' on Thursday night.

Sight of the week. A large Magpie under the apple tree, gasping for breath but waiting until the tiny green parrot had drunk its fill before diving in.

I did put the air-conditioner on but as the house cooled, adjusted the temperature up to 25 degrees instead of leaving it on refrigerator chill.

Miss O'Dyne accosted, berated and planned several tortures for the idiot who decided to walk his small dog on a hot footpath at midday on Friday. It was very remiss of me not to have the several metres of rope she required for the 'Revenge of the Dog Lover'. The plan involved him being tied up, taken miles away, shoes removed and made to walk home on a tarred road.

People are morons, and animal lovers should not be provoked by morons.


Andrew said...

A friend who hates possums revived a disoriented one with shade, water and some water mist on Thursday. Not too much water lying around for them to drink.

JahTeh said...

Plenty around here and I doubt the old tom cat is getting any whiskettes as I can hear the possums going through the dish and his water.

Jayne said...

I'm topping up 4 water bowls and a birdbath twice a day and sacrificing the nashi's on my nashi tree for the sake of parrots well-being.

Lord Sweetiepie said...

My sweet Lady J
When I see you today
On one knee I'll say
Let's have a pizza.

A poet is never accurate. He is vague, obscure, courting in moonlight (where she can't tell the olives from the anchovies).

-Lord Sweetiepie!!!!!!!!!!!!

River said...

I've been keeping the birdbath topped up with fresh water, but I haven't seen any birds in it for a while. Since the real heat began actually. Before that I'd see a couple of birds a week. Still, maybe they visit in the pre dawn hours, or while I'm at work. I still have plenty of geckos and skinks in the garden, so they're getting enough water at least.
I've had enough of this heat and I'm looking forward to tonight, the temperature is supposed to drop down to about 22-25, then only up to about 38 tomorrow. Yay.

Lord Sweetiepie said...

Well I do try, but still have no idea why I write that rubbish. Of course ninety per cent of what's said is rubbish anyway; carnival noise.

-Lord Sweetiepie.

Middle Child said... you know what happened to Beelzebublog - she just went poufffe! is she okay do you know.

Miss O'dyne needs to serivice my garden as welll. its just too bloody hot to care right now..I hate summers.

What a shame you couldn't stick the doggie walker's tongue to the sidewalk. What a bastard.

Lord Sweetiepie said...

I doubt she went poof, she's a womanly woman.

Cazzie!!! said...

I would not be able to contain myself if I did see someone walking their dog in the heat of the day. It is bad enough I have to nurse people who do it to themselves and have electrolyte imbalances..but for a dog, grrr, I do not blame you both for seeing RED!

Maria said...

I work over in the Law Courts and well we're haviong a heat wave here too but it didn't stop the judges getting their ceremonial gear on last week for a beginning-of-law-year procession, out on the street, across the road.

That's the thick red gowns with the white-fur-ruffs and lining, plus wigs. I'm surprised we didn't get any faintings.

I have to wear a little gown around the court sometimes. I wait to the last minute to put it on, and thank goodness the inside of the court usually has some cool air conditioning in it.m It'll be a real bummer if that ever breaks down.

Whatever these global warming cynics say ... however cynical they may be ... I'll bet you that doesn't stop 'em breaking a sweat around now.

I wish we could turn the heat wave like daylight saving. Like, say "No, we've decided to have a shorter heat wave this year. Let's turn the heat wave back off this year and have shorter hot periods in the day."

Mr Coffee and I tried to buy a fan a few months ago (as in an old-fashioned, hand-held Oriental one, not an electric one) and we didn't buy it because it was rather expensive. Suppose they jacked up the price again amazingly and an still sell them. I wouldn't mind having a little fan right now ...

R.H. said...

Maria is a cutiepie.

JahTeh said...

Maria, another 40 degrees tomorrow. I've been watching people waiting for trains in the heat and selfishly, being glad it's not me.

JahTeh said...

Therese, Caroline has decided that she's run out of brilliant posts but if she can she's going to post on Flcker with photos of the animals.

Cazzie, how insane do you have to be to even want to go out in that kind of heat. I did, but went in a taxi.

Robbert, you are barred from mentioning pizza, I drool too much at the thought of a pizza with the lot.