Saturday, March 28, 2009


And Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were great days for insanity central.

And No matter how I feel, I can deal with 3 kinds of crisis before 9 o'clock.

And I am crook.

And I'm sure the anti-biotics are laced with LSD.

And if I was a writer I could turn those wild dreams into a great screenplay.

And if you buy a raffle ticket, pray for lst prize so you and run away from home. $6,000 will take me a loooong way.

And if Ma says the stray dog in her house was the size of a small horse and you know it was a black staffie, don't bother telling her it's not true. She'll deny ever saying it.

And if Ma says the Meals on Wheels are giving her the same meals every single day from now on because they said so, don't tell her it's not true. She'll deny ever saying it.

And if Ma says the housekeeper is being taken away from her for having a coffee then check with the council and don't bother telling her it's not true. She'll deny ever saying it.

And if you try to explain to the Bouvier Sisters that she can't be believed, don't bother. They have the same denial genes.

And it's a good thing I'm not a hard drinking woman or I'd be too pissed to turn on the computer 24/7.


River said...

Denial genes--the curse of the aged.

Wild dreams? Tell me more.......

R.H. said...

I'll take your mother when you win tattslotto, give her back to you when your dough runs out.

$6000 a week is all I require.


JahTeh said...

River, a sunken fort surrounded by crashing waves, Clint Eastwood with a boat and a friend I haven't seen in nearly a year who was trying to get me to join the Masonic Lodge. No nudity!

Robbert, you would have me pay you for the privilege of my mother's company? That's mercenary and you'd soon be paying me to take her back.

Andrew said...

(Andrew passes Jahteh the bottle) Just the one m'dear?

Jayne said...

Your mother - my dog.
Put 'em together and they can look after each other :P

Ozfemme said...

I think we must be related.

Oh and Clint's been bothering you too?

JahTeh said...

HawtAndrew, are you ready for the next 10 years of your life? The years of parental guilt nagging in the recess of what's left of your mind.

Jayne, she couldn't remember what she took morphine for yesterday and this morning frightened the BrickOutHouse by looking so grey, he thought he should check for a pulse. And after she said he was kinder to the dog than her.

Bella, Clint's never been on my drool list so I can't imagine why he turned up in my mind but it was a wild ride while it lasted.

Lord Sedgwick said...

"Denial genes--the curse of the aged."

Then there's Dio genes--the curse of the profligate.

JahTeh said...

I'm not clicking any of your links Sedgwick, I'm of a delicate and genteel upbringing and I shock easily.

Middle Child said...

@#$%^%$ what can I say?????