Thursday, March 19, 2009


Just one more thing, I said.

The fecking earthquake last night ate my phone.

Telstra thinks I'm a nutcase because when I ring the line is clear. Well derrr! When I rang with the line crapola they couldn't hear me. Techie coming tomorrow....again.

I spent four hours in the afternoon downloading security only to have the computer refuse to allow its installation. Fecking computers.

While it downloaded, I moved books. Did you know that books talk? I heard them. I moved 20 books out of one bookcase and I could clearly hear the others, "move up, move up, expand before she jams another load on the shelf." That shelf is dusted and tidy and there's no way I could get another 20 books to go there.

I need a bigger ladder..... with safety rails. I tried to replace the bulb in the ceiling and it was scary up there and the replacement globe was the wrong size and I'm standing on the second top rung with the old globe in my mouth and the new one down my bra and one hand on the roof like a gecko and I'm thinking I need a bigger ladder.... with safety rails.


Lord Sedgwick said...

How appropriate, given the comments you seem to have received from our oriental friends, is the word verification - "MYSTIFI"

Seems like Sol's technician has outsourced your blog for scrutiny to the world of the inscrutables.

(I blame the ghost of 'Pig Iron' Bob.)

River said...

You need a bigger ladder. With safety rails. Or a handyman who comes around just to do things like this, get paid with a cup of tea, then goes away with no other expectations from (of?) you.
Hee hee your books are ganging up on you.......

Lord Sedgwick said...

Hee hee your books are ganging up on you.......

Spineless bastards! (I blame the paperback writers ... and the Beatles.)

JahTeh said...

Sexy's right, I see stuff there the Kama Sutra doesn't have.

Sedgwick, the great Sol is everywhere but only until June. Any hints anywhere on who will succeed to the throne? Any bets on Costello?

River, the books are rampaging but I getting ahead of the herd. I mean I would If I'd stop reading the damn things. I'm good, I only kept three doll magazines out of 30.

The pride and joy of Sedgwick is safe.

Lord Sedgwick said...

"Sexy's right, I see stuff there the Kama Sutra doesn't have."

Yeah well, you mightn't hear from me anytime soon.

As that intrepid antarctic explorer with those links in his spare unfrozen hand said, "I might be some time".

Brian Hughes said...

"Sexy Love - The reach 18 years old haven't entered."

Why do I get the feeling that tomorrow my computer's going to be suffering from an STD?

Jayne said...

Crikey dick, you're getting offers for things you'll need safety rails on the side of the bed to cope with!!!

Grey Army, J.

Lord Sedgwick said...

"I'm thinking I need a bigger ladder.... with safety rails"

Allow me to correct your typo Coppertop

"I'm thinking I need a bigger bladder.... with safety rails"

Captain Sweetiepie. said...

She bought shares in that Chinese thing with her fourteen hundred last December. Now she's pimping for it.

Don't be fooled.

-Captain Sweetiepie!

River said...

I've been culling my books too, but today, in the city, the gravitational pull of Borders just sucked me in. Wouldn't let me leave without buying. Everytime I headed for the door another crowd of people surged in, pushing me back towards the stacks. Now there's 4 new books to find space for.

Captain Sweetiepie said...

Only kidding.

R.H. said...

You sir are a swine!

Not kidding.


Middle Child said...

As I said nothing bad for you ...okay! its a worry. Safety rails all round!

JahTeh said...

I've given Mr Sexy the boot, the blog wasn't wearing a condom when he turned up.

Fleetwood, for an STD afflicted computer, I would suggest you ask HotAndrew for advice.

Jayne, I'd need 30 years taken off my age and safety rails.

Sedgwick, never mention bladder to the elderly. An old dear once told my mother that if she entertained gentlemen she always checked the toilet seat. If there were drips then he probably had prostate trouble and he was entertained no more. Advice I've never forgotten.

River, when the van took my goods to the op-shop, the driver told me he'd just dropped off 4 cartons of books there. I'm trying to resist the urge.

Thank you Caption Sweetie Pie but $1,400 doesn't buy what it used to. After all it's only 14 one hundred dollar bills or a meal at the Windsor.

Therese, everything I do these days seems to be dangerous. Books are so heavy to carry and so un-coperative.

Lord Sedgwick said...

I remember similar advice too, as it related to the opposite sex.

I always double checked the dunny seat for drips whenever Urethra Franklin called by.

JahTeh said...

Sedgwick, the variety of your sexual fetishes is a fetish in itself.