Wednesday, April 01, 2009


I'm forced to get another set of steps instead of going up that stupid ladder. A dozen times today just to wash the curtains, well it has been mmm...mumble...mumble...two years since I had them down. They're 30 years old and fragile, too much washing takes away the holding power.

The operating procedure is to mark where the holes have appeared then cut that whole width out and pray that the upteen metres left don't shred in the washing machine. I was lucky, one tear and a small patch of shreddy bits that got a lace flower glued on to hold it all together. I think maybe another 12 months should see them out.

The thing was, the ladder. It's now making me very nervous to go higher than a foot off the ground. My knees are shouting abuse at me. Before the ladder, I had to move two tvs and a cupboard. My back is joining in with the knees. So, it's off to Bunnings for a two-step step and they cost $30 and I need an outside ladder as well, $60. I sat down and counted the ladder fund of 5c and 10c pieces, $13, running a bit short there. The Harry Potter fund has $21, not touching that.
The running away from home fund which I counted first after this morning's vicious, vitriolic, bitching Mother phone call, has zero. $15 in the Avon teapot but I really need that mascara, not touching that.

I think I'll steal it from Mother. I've just found that four of the Royal Albert 'Country Roses' mugs have disappeared from the glass Armoire, given to someone more deserving than I apparently. I bought those for her, they're mine, damn it and they were $50 each, way back then. I must have been flush because I bought six and I must have liked her or I'd have kept them. So I'll just be borrowing against my expectations.


R.H. said...

My daughter and her girlfriends came around here and said wash your curtains tightarse. So one day I did and they disintegrated. It's been a good joke, kept them in fun forever.

Andrew said...

Careful which steps you buy. I have seen a friend hit the deck when a set collapsed, and he was only about 100kg, not that heavy by today's standards.

River said...

Your running away fund is empty?? That's the most important fund. Better get some $$$ into it. Harry Potter can wait. Another year or two and he'll be on the bargain tables. Whose curtains are you washing? Yours or your mum's? If they're hers why bother? Surely she doesn't get up close and personal with them, so wouldn't notice if they are dusty? If they're yours then I hope you find a $50 or two blowing in the street so you can buy new ones.

JahTeh said...

It's a very gentle wash and a little spin and hang them up wet to get the creases out and try not to fall through the window. I had one lot disintegrate so thoroughly, it was like a washing machine full of kleenex.

HawtAndrew, I just browsed the Bunnings catalogue, 49.95 for steps and over $100 for a ladder up to 100kgs holding power. A cheap trip is to leave the phone books in that plastic wrap and use that for a step.

River, how could you? Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince was supposed to be in theatres last year and they made us wait, it's been a long wait and I'm going Gold Class as it's near my birthday.
There have been hints about curtain washing but I feign deafness.

Middle Child said...

Go for it lovey...its will get blamed for what you don't do so may as well do what you do before you get could always throw it onto some slimy social worker or whatever...okay... Wish i could help...I am pretty devious in these matters, needs must.

Jayne said...

May as well be hung for a sheep as well as a lamb, J ;)

Lord Sedgwick said...

... whereas Jayne, I'm hung like a ...

R.H. said...

hello mummy, close the curtains, there might be an international incident.

Jayne said...

...a curtain, Lord Sedgers?

Lord Sedgwick said...

(Best Lady Bracknell voice)
"An curtain!? An curtain!?! Nothing less than the Bayeux tapestry if'n you don't mind Sweet Lady Jayne!"

JahTeh said...

Therese, more cunning, I bought her an easter egg and pavlova for lunch but the expected Diabetic coma didn't eventuate.

Jayne, you should know better than to give the bearded one an opening line like that.

A Bayeux tapestry? Oh, chortle, MiLord has been playing with the magnifying glass again. Talk about expectations or is it aspirations?

Rh, that's a doozy of a slanging match at Miss O'Dyne's :<
If you try that here I'll shove your tongue so far down your throat, you'll be able to pleasure yourself for a year.
Mother is bothering me, I need a sacrifice.

R.H. said...

Bah!- call that a threat?

That's not a threat.

This is a threat:


JahTeh said...

Boom I can handle, you should have threatened me with Sam Newman.

4th prize in that raffle is tickets to a President's lunch with Richmond Club which I presume means football. Knowing my luck and desire for 3rd prize, if I win it's yours.

R.H. said...

What raffle?

The way to avoid slanging matches is don't allow anonymous comments. They're bloggers of course, jealous of my talent. (And our mother and child relationship.)
ha ha ha!


R.H. said...

Richmond play Geelong today, wish them luck (Richmond). Geelong won't need it.