Monday, April 13, 2009


Just when I thought I had a handle on my fraying nerves, I have my mother and ex daughter-in-law on the same day and in the same room.

Pardon me while I slip into the next room and find a bigger bag and a lot more panic pills.

Ahhh, that's better and just so you lot know that I'm dealing with crazy here, really crazy.

She wanted her bed re-made because she didn't like the bed-making girl last Wednesday.

Mutter, swear, mutter and I'm in the wardrobe looking for a pillowcase and the wool doona which has mysteriously disappeared but that's a whole 'nother crazy. I pick up a pillowcase and it was heavy and dropped on my foot. So inside the pillowcase is a towell, wrapped in another towell which is wrapped around a 14 inch ceramic plate. By now, with the hurting foot and all, I'm not muttering I'm swearing loudly.

I'm trying to imagine what could be wrapped and hidden in a single bed woollen doona.

I'm going to need a bigger bag and a lot more pills.


Brian Hughes said...

"I'm trying to imagine what could be wrapped and hidden in a single bed woollen doona."

A very large Easter chick?

Jayne said...

If it's bigger than a bread box, blue and no longer breathing ....I'll help with digging the hole ;)

River said...

Wrapped and hidden in a doona?
Last Wednesday's bed-making girl.
(she'll make an excellent supply of blood'n'bone for the garden bed you bury her in)

Do you have enough panic pills?

River said...

P.S. Please accept my apologies for sending you so many pictures. They're probably still downloading and slowing your computer to snail crawl.......I promise not to do it again. Forgive me?

JahTeh said...

Fleetwood, give a Happy Birthday hug to Michelle from me tomorrow. After all, she'll be getting zip from you.

First I have to find the doona. I know what it was wearing last time I saw it and a quick shufti into the dark cupboard didn't show it.

Jayne, she was determined to get that plate back down out of the pantry today and she re-packed the dishwasher because she didn't like how I did it. Watch for fireworks when I get there on Thursday.

River, my sister says to ignore her but she is trained to ignore crazy people and she isn't getting the phone calls. As for burying her underneath my window, ARE YOU KIDDING? She's going far far away under a load of concrete.

I haven't read emails yet but if there's one that's spectacular, I'll be blogging it.

Miles McClagan said...

My all time favourite joke is what lies in the bed and sings? Madoona...

Wombat was a rich show for comedy!

Bwca Brownie said...

1. if she can REstack the DW, then she can stack it herself first time round?

2. go gently when ransacking the linen stacks - they may contain those missing cups you mentioned in an earlier post?

JahTeh said...

Miles, that is a classic.

Bwca, the thought had run through my head but she denies all knowledge. She gets pissy on me because I do it all without her giving me directions, that drives her crazy. Walks all the way to the garbage bin when told not to then sobs in the bedroom because her legs are so bad she can't make the bed and you wonder why I'm close to matricide.

phil said...

You know the word shufti. Mad props to you (I think I have that right).

WV is scrof, I'm sure you can applyh it to something.

Brian Hughes said...


She's already had my present, an antique print she's been after. That's what I like about Michelle. She's easy to buy for.

R.H. said...

Hi. My Name is Robert. I am not mad.

My piano is arriving today. On the back of a ute. I'll be doing a Jerry Lee Lewis up Melbourne Road, if anyone is interested.

Middle Child said...

e in future of ceramic tiles wrapped in doonas okay

JahTeh said...

Fleety, how thoughtful, you gave her a self portrait.

Phil, am I showing my age with shufti? Believe me 'scrof' describes me to a t at the moment.

Robbert, you're marrying your 13 year old cousin? Who'd a thunk it!

Therese, I'll go looking for that doona, the minute I start talking to her again.

R.H. said...

You can only do that in Queensland.

Middle Child said...

o sorry to be laughing... its not really funny hee hee hoo hoo...not really...but me sides are shaking...oh goodness gracious me.