Sunday, April 19, 2009


I watched 'Mad Men' on SBS last week to see if it lived up to the hype but I couldn't judge by one episode. What did shock me was the cigarette smoking. In the bars, workplace, home, everywhere and by everybody and why was I shocked, because I remember that. I'm so used to not seeing a smokey haze everywhere I go that I realize how far we've come in not tolerating a habit that's harmful to those who don't indulge. It also vividly reminded me of being kissed by a man who'd been drinking whisky and smoking all night. It was so vivid, I could taste and smell it by memory. Revolting. Perhaps one day, we'll have the same revulsion to drunken morons walking the streets.

I watched 'Hot Fuzz' last night. I think only the British could make a black comedy that ends up with so much gunplay and mayhem but was still funny. A lot of it was due to the editing in the cutting room. Also enjoyable was a film with a small amount of swearing instead of the writers being paid by the amount of 'f' words per minute.

I've been out in the garden again and it's not getting any better. The last of the bluestones are in place, never to be moved again, ever. I'm still getting the beds ready for all the faffing about before I plant although I have put the plants there in pots just to make it look like I'm a gardner. I did stuff the Jade Plant straight in with a bit of potting mix. It's an experiment, just to see what a survivor it is.

Now gardners out there, advice. My Camelia's leaves are turning yellow. Does it have too much water, not enough water, does it need food, should I talk to it, should I sing a gardening song? Help needed here.
Freesia bulbs. Which end is up? Pointy end or round end? I once lost a whole bag of mixed bulbs once because I didn't read the label and the damn things had to be planted all different ways. Goddess, I'd rather be inside cleaning the silver. I rock at cleaning silver, absolutely crap at gardening.

And what about the Mother, I hear you ask. As much as I try to be compassionate and ignore the gibes, it's getting more difficult. She rang my sister last week, sobbing, 'Come and talk to me. I have no-one'. She'd just had me but I'd slammed the phone down, sister followed suit. Aunt Patty turned up yesterday and wouldn't look at my sister or speak to her. Mother hardly mentioned her today. Bad sign. It means she's been bagging us again. She rattled on about the lovely young man next door who fixed the bathroom lights after I'd bought them and the new starters. BrickOutHouse took him in a 6-pack as a thank-you. When I mentioned this, she dismissed him and once again started on how lovely the neighbours are to her.
She loves the new heater and it was my fault it didn't work, I hadn't turned it on. Bullshit, I couldn't get the pins into the old plug and tried it on another powerpoint and it worked. BrickOutHouse fixed the plug, he has stronger hands.

The doctor's coming next week and I won't be there and she can fumble around in her own mind for her details. I'm seeing him the next day, that'll be interesting.


Bwca Brownie said...

pointy end up.
yellow leaves may mean
lack of one particular nutrient -camellias like ACID Ph,
or 'wet all the time' - all plants need to dry out at some point, which is why proper deep-watering only once per week is the correct way.

I wish I understood humanity as well as I understand plants and animals.

Brian Hughes said...

"It also vividly reminded me of being kissed by a man who'd been drinking whisky and smoking all night."

That was you was it?!

River said...

Camellia probably needs feeding and a little less water. you can get tubs of slow release complete fertilisers for specific plants, (roses, camellias, citrus trees, etc) get one for camellias, and apply it according to the directions on the pack. Usually once or twice a year, autumn and spring. All bulbs go pointy side up. Look at the bulb and see the flat bit that looks like the base of an onion, that's where the roots grow from, so that's the bottom.
I'm going to be really curious now to see how the doctor handles your mother. Will he finally find out that she's not "all there" anymore? Or will she fool him? Stay tuned folks, same channel, same time, for next week's episode.

River said...

BTW, my L is a smoker, I haven't kissed him in years, not even a quick peck on the lips or cheek anymore. The smell that comes from his mouth is SO bad. His lungs must be in terrible shape. his last x-rays showed the beginning stages of emphysema. He gets stressed a lot and smokes more then.

JahTeh said...

Bwca, understanding plants is easy, they live or die especially around here. I'll let it go dry for a week and see what happens.

Fleetwood, I'm sure I would have remembered kissing you, the warts would have taken months to disappear.

River, buy food for plants! Would some Seasol do?
Doc already knows she's bats but she can put on a good show.
Second comment was way TMI and I don't blame you for the no kissing, just wave at him across the room.

Brian Hughes said...

"Fleetwood, I'm sure I would have remembered kissing you, the warts would have taken months to disappear."

I'm just checking...

Jayne said...

Diluted Epsom Salts in water works wonders on Cameillias, Gardenias and Daphnes but as handful of slow release fertiliser won't go astray, either.
try the Epsom Salts on your mum, J, it'll shift whatever SOL she's got ;)

River said...

Seasol is great stuff. Pongs a bit, but that doesn't last long.

JahTeh said...

Watch it Jayne or I'll have her delivered to you in a box.

River, all this worry for a tree. I tell you when I'm rich I'm having the trees replaced with plastic ones.

Believe me Fleetwood, you'd never forget being kissed by me unless you've been kissed by a sheila in a gas mask before.`

Middle Child said...

I was the only non smoker at the table in pubs circa 1970's...they all blew it in my direction...freakin hell...don't mind folk smoking but outside on the balcony. Don (before his accident) always enjoyed a smoke know and i found it kind of nice...go figure...he had worker's hands hard and caloussed, smokers fingies and a beard and kiss to die for...alwayd had that kiss rioght up until the last night....none of that new age movie deep tongue shit...just the best kisses and i didn't mind the smoke in the early days... good memories anyways.

JahTeh said...

Therese, I was always the non-smoker and it didn't matter where I sat, the smoke followed me.

sexy said...