Thursday, May 21, 2009


I watched the movie "Angels and Demons" and while not a world beater, I thought it was better than the "DaVinci Code". At least Tom Hanks' forehead was able to wrinkle and express itself without the gallon of botox he had last time. Female lead, forgettable or had a badly written part or Ron Howard doesn't like women. I liked the lace on the Cardinals.

Scientists are carrying on because they say there's no way that anti-matter could be contained the way it is in the movie. See that word there, MOVIE, not real life but make believe or suspend belief. I mean no single man could take the punishment that John McLean does in "Die Hard" the franchise but who complains about that. Same thing with Harry Potter, make believe, movie, entertainment, full stop. By the way the trailer for HP and the Half Blood Prince looks like the movie will be a ripper.

Moving on, I went to the early session and there were very few people in the theatre but they couldn't have made more of a pigsty of the place if they tried. I'd like to thump the bloke who left his popcorn packet (large) right in the middle of the steps going out, couldn't even put in on the seat. He couldn't have put it on the carpet, his popcorn was there. He had his mobile phone on several times, lit up like a Christmas tree, so how could he possibly miss his mouth.
Same with the two birds to the right of me, the only clear space near their seats was where their feet had been.

Mobile phones to the left of me, phones to the right of me. Why can't people sit for two hours without checking to see if someone loves them or is it a test to see how much I can hate them?
The first thing I do is turn off the mobile, really turn it off. That's what I'm there for, two hours of un-interrupted motherless enjoyment. And talk, shut up to the tarts in the back row or move down to the front where 10 rows would give me a buffer zone of silence.

And how desperate do you have to be to need a pee in the middle of two hours?

Roll on July 15.


Brian Hughes said...

"I thought it was better than the "DaVinci Code"."

Let's face it, Kevin and Perry Go Large was better than the DaVinci Code.

River said...

I haven't seen it yet and probably won't until I can get it on dvd. I don't go to the movies much anymore, firstly because of the cost, second because I'm one of those who often can't go two hours without needing to pee. If I'm at home with a dvd at least I can pause the movie and not miss any of it while I race to the bathroom.

Jayne said...

This is why I refuse to pay mega-moolah for the privilege of being cooped up with untamed filthy beasts for 2 hours and wait for the DVD.

WV =graturis - free opinion from Blogger :P

JahTeh said...

Fleetwood, the book wasn't as bad as everyone made out or maybe it's because I love symbology of any kind and the book of 'Angels and Demons' was way, way over the top but it turned into a not so bad film. I have heard they are making a movie of "Eagle of the Ninth" with Jamie Bell in the lead.
One of my favourite book so I hope they don't stuff it up but then Disney isn't doing it so we should be safe.

River, I buy the DVD if I've enjoyed the film and some films have to be seen on the big screen first. Coming up is 'Terminator - Salvation', big, bad robots.
I'm trying to factor the cost into the budget because I'm sick of not going anywhere that isn't mother's.

Jayne, In the first morning session, you get plenty of room away from the pests if you ask nicely. I love GoldClass because there are no steps and it's cheapish in the early part of the week. I can't get over the way they just walk away from the mess and I bet they'd yell blue murder at home if you dropped a crumb on the carpet.

Lord Sedgwick said...

Haven't seen it, probably wont until it hits the shelves at Moonee Valley liberry, but even then maybe not.

WhyTF does Tom Hanks have to shout so much?

And I still haven gotten over being so stupid as to have sat all the LONG way through the turgidly mindless "Castaway'.

(Back to some uplifting hairy Palm d'Or film like "Jabba does Dallas".)

Middle Child said...

I admit that the book was better... the heroines in both movies were awful. Colourless and the first one she was running most of the time and nary a hair out of place... ah well it is the phone is always off before I go in...and only once did I have to get up and go to the toilet...but it was in the middle of the movie Australia which out me to sleep...I went out and back so I could wake up...