Tuesday, July 14, 2009


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I had a cat with eyes like this. He used to walk up my body and stare into my eyes until I gave in and filled his dish. And they say marriage leads to a slave mentality.


Bwca Brownie said...

We are all frequently astounded when official research wastes time and money to find out some thing we All Knew Already:
on the Google aggregated news page today:

"Cats purr like a baby to manipulate humans ABC Science Online
How your cat's purr manipulates you BBC News
Cats 'purr to get what they want from owners' Telegraph.co.uk
Cats mix baby 'cry' with purr to score dinner
The researchers say a crucial factor of the noise is a high-frequency element embedded within the naturally low-pitched sound of a cat's purr. ...

Middle Child said...

That cat looks a bit like my eldest daughter's cat and he scares the bejessus out of me if ever i am left in the house alone with me. he constantly stalks me till I feed him. he gets fed a lot

JahTeh said...

No, it's like fingernails down a blackboard when they really start at meal time.

Therese, my m-i-l had a cat that would hide under bushes then rush out and snap at ankles, truly scary.