Monday, August 24, 2009


The number of the truck/tank/747 that ran over me today.

The time by my computer is 11.15 and I've just woken up.

I went to sleep in my chair, in the middle of eating a block of chocolate.

So you can see how wasted I feel.

She might be comfortable in the nursing home but the clean-up crew is still battling on.

I am sooooooooo tired.

I want to spend the next two miserably cold days in bed with a pile of books but there is a list of phone calls that can't wait.

They don't have phones in the nursing home, a ray of sunshine wanders across what's left of my mind.


R.H. said...

When the woman down on the corner threw me over for a bloke who looked thirty years older I came home and fell asleep in a chair straight away.

It was her cooking I'd miss most of all, God's honour.

Maria said...

The number of the 747 was ... 747?

My WV is unreak. I think of un - reek (Please un - reek this person sittin next to me on the train, this deodorant does a great unreeking job), and un-wreak immediately. I am a person who likes order, I un-wreak havoc on weekends for fun.

JahTeh said...

Robbert, I bet his bank book was 30 years younger than you.

Maria, you're too young to remember the days of 'real men don't use deodorant' and un-airconditioned trains. 'Reeking' was too mild a word for the 6.10 from Flinders St in any weather.

River said...

Cleaning up my house and disposing of my stuff is the part I don't like to think about if a nursing home is in my future. I suppose that when the time came I might be happy to let go of some dvd's....

Maria, I remember the days when "real" men didn't wear deodorant. Ugh.

JahTeh said...

River, the crap's already flying about this because I'm the only one who knows which items mean something to Mum and what she'd want kept. I want to put things away now and not do it when she's gone but my sister says to wait but sister is the one who throws everything out after 6 months then starts again. I suppose everything will sort itself out eventually without too much bloodshed.

R.H. said...

He offered to marry her.

I couldn't match that.

And I don't know if they did actually get married (she moved to Geelong not long after the offer was made) but they did have an engagement party down at the corner and I was a little miffed at not being invited.

R.H. said...

She inspired my poem: Season(ing)s of Love!

Season(ing)s of Love!
Well, she threw me out,
And so,
Where did love go?
Landed on its bum,
In the snow.....

When I see a snow plow,
I think of thou;
So like you, my love,
All push and shove.

And so,
What shall I do,
For a feed nowadays?
Nothing in the cupboards,
Not even mayonnaise.....


Lost love!-
Beyond all reasoning-
Is an empty turkey,
With no seasoning.

Oh!- how my heart,
(And liver too)
Pine for you.
And my stomach,
Shall ever praise,
Your spaghetti bolognese!

Your eggs on toast!
Your Irish stew!
Sentimental reminders,
Always of you.....

What is love,
But a summer snowfall,
A sweltering winter,
A bud-bursting fall.
(I'm hungry, that's all.)


A poet is never wasteful, he finds use for every offcut and scrap in the dustbin of life. That's what poetry is: other people's improvidence

Jayne said...

Pack it all away and hide it, J, otherwise it'll be tears before bedtime in someone's household!

WV what a JahTeh is when she's tidying up her mum's things (((hugs))).

Anonymous said...

mm, well, depends on where inspiration comes from .. I guess ..


um, interesting. Word "verification" this time is 'affetion'. sheesh. who knows how the "greater sphere" works .. heh.

R.H. said...

Four cups of coffee and my gut feels terrible.

Hullo Davo you old....!

JahTeh said...

Robbert, I like that poem, it speaks to me.
I had to talk to the ex last night, just when I was thinking almost kindly of him, but he's still the pretentious prick he always was.
I think I've become marriage-phobic.

Jayne, that's the idea, some things can go but every box has to be looked at. I found her cultured pearls the other day in a tiny purse instead of her jewell box. I can do this quietly now instead of having to rush because the house needs to be sold.
And I am hurrying a bit because the hard rubbish notice will be out soon and we have stacks.

Davo, Rh almost didn't insult you!!
It must be spring in the air.

Kath Lockett said...

Chair and chocolate. Good move. Stay in said chair, eating said chocolate for as long as possible.

Helen said...

Well said that woman.

As an office drone I recognise this phenomenon. You can keep going for indefinite periods as long as you're in Work mode, the minute you're on leave/holiday, energy crash extraordinaire. It's quite weird. And it's quite common to get a cold or flu as well. It's as if the body says "Aaaaah! Now I can give up!!"

From what you say about not being able to go to bed b/c of phone calls, obvs you must have a phone with a cord, just get a handheld and use it in bed. (They're cheap)

Sorry for the unsolicited advice :-)

JahTeh said...

Thank you Kath, I have gained 6 kilos in 5 weeks, all due to my chocolate stress medication.

Helen, I have a phone by the bed but it's hard to get the right tone of authority in the voice when you're lounging in warmth and comfort especially dealing with fcking AGL.

Maria said...

I think I met a real man recently.


Middle Child said...

I used to always get a migraine on the first day of any holiday I had - the build up and workload was tremendous and my whole system was on hold till might have some odd emotions coming