Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Well it didn't take long to work out the meaning of the missing S-bend, AGL strikes again.
Why doesn't some-one consign this monstrosity of incompetance to Hell and leave it there.
It's now into August and I've just found out that the direct debits I laboured long and hard to have re-instated, haven't been.

To give them their due, they did re-instate the $30 per fortnight but when I put it up to $50, someone typed one letter wrong for the BSN for the bank.
This even after I rang and queried when it didn't come out and I was told, it would on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month which is inconvenient neither being near mother's pension day.

So sister goes to the Post Office to pay extra but can't do it because with a direct debit account there is no barcode on the bill, no BPay, no Postbill and no mail address.
I have to deal with the morons again which is when I learn of the 'no direct debit' business.
The girl gave me the BPay codes for AGL electricity and gas.
Five minutes after I put the phone down I realize this is for internet and phone banking which is not what we want to do.

Why does everyone think we all do internet and phone banking? Why don't they ask?
So another phone call and I now have Postbill codes.
The accounts are now over $800 and $700. Thank you AGL for my nightmare.

At least if she falls off the twig, I don't have to pay immediately. As executor, the accounts go on my name (O joy), the direct debits continue without the pensioner concession and I finalize when the house is sold. Now I'm putting this here for the record. It's what I was told this morning and if it suddenly changes when the time comes, I'll shove this blog down their necks.

Tomorrow I have to deal with the NAB about the credit card which is another thing I won't be able to continue paying after the 'falling off the twig' deal. The best offer is to discontinue payments but continue interest until the house is sold. If they protest then I'll go on about a company that automatically upped the credit limit for a dippy old pensioner after we'd applied for a limit of $2000. Not to mention that it wasn't explained clearly that cash advances on a credit card must be paid back as well as the normal card payment. Those cash advances are the reason she keeps telling me that she managed on the pension and why can't I manage?

The Council rates have arrived and they're getting no more than $50 a fortnight and I will have the balance paid right on the dot of June 30th 2010. One squeak out of them will be their last.

Everything is a juggling act with me using both hands and feet.

And that's just mother's accounts never mind mine.


Jayne said...

I hear ya.
Have dug a deep hole for the dipshits at AGL in the vegie patch, shall I pop around with my shopping jeep to help you bring the corpses over?
*Am now expecting the Fed Polis to barge into my backyard to search for all the bodies*

River said...

Your mum's affairs are in a sorry state aren't they? Why the heck doesn't AGL get it right after all the times you've phoned to sort it? do they hire morons on purpose there?? NAB is well known for screwing people over. There were exposes on TV current affairs shows last year that made me very glad I don't bank with them.
Hi Jayne, if the Fed Polis start digging up your yard be sure and post photos okay? When they're finished just rake it all smooth and replant more veg.

JahTeh said...

Jayne, I nearly wrote why don't the terrorists go for shits like these but I could feel the ASIO eyes upon me.

River, she panicked again tonight when bill came from the pharmacy with a little reminder that it was overdue. I rang them last week, saw them on Monday but they don't send out the accounts. I never worry until she reaches the safety net which she has and the bill will go down quickly. I've got a handle on everything it's just that my sister was worried that we would have to find an enormous amount of money in one hit.
Every time I say we could do without a funeral, she freaks out but it's 8 grand we could do with.

Middle Child said...

Bloody is a nightmare...and a mess...who did you kill in a past life?