Thursday, August 06, 2009


I'm still shuddering at this.

MuVChat has it's own facebook page so it's becoming a rage.

It allows audiences to text comments during a film which then appear as ticker-style commentary along the bottom of the screen.

Entrepreneur Rien Heald has been trialling this with selected movies such as Zoolander and viewers posted an average of 40 texts per film.

Sweet chaos, what next.


Andrew said...

How can you 'get into' a movie if you are bothering with texting?

R.H. said...

Andrew I knew that railway path which locals called "Lover's Lane" from when I was a few years old. Later I used it going to matinees at the old Regent cinema in Toorak Road.
There was nothing in my comment about it to offend you. It was a comment I took some care over as well, therefore I'm very offended indeed that you deleted it. I wouldn't mind an apology, but doubt you could ever achieve such a thing.

R.H. said...

Hiding what's happened by destroying all written records is something Orwell was very afraid of. Vanishing tricks are easily done on 'blogs' and is why I don't put much value on them.
My comment, and Andrew's cranky response to it have both disappeared.
Well Andrew it's clear being a homo makes you suspicious of everyone who's not a homo, and it's a game you enjoy. I share your interest in local history, that's all, and likewise Fleetwood's in archaeology. It should be enough, but isn't.
I will never comment on your blog again.
Nor will "Loverboy".


Jayne said...

That would destroy anyone's enjoyment and the ambiance of the cinema.

JahTeh said...

Andrew, I believe teenagers could text while sound asleep and underwater. I can see the cinema becoming a battle ground between the likers and dislikers.

Robbert, can't comment on a comment that's been deleted and it probably had nothing to do with Cameraface being gay but just cranky.
Wasn't every railway path called 'Lover's Lane'? It was in Mentone but now it's 'graffiti lane'.

Jayne, it's bad enough now with the mobile phones and the popcorn eating but at least we don't have to put up with smoking.
My cousin, way way back would go the cinema with a roast rabbit in a bag, a hidden bottle of beer and a packet of cigs and sit through hours of film. It was the lower crust 'Gold Class' of the day.

River said...

This just seems so very wrong. How can people enjoy the movie when there's other's possibly silly comments running along the bottom of the screen?

JahTeh said...

River, I can only say that silly tweeters will love it.

Middle Child said...

you are kidding...