Saturday, September 26, 2009


On the 2nd June, 1953 Princess Elizabeth was crowned Queen Elizabeth 11. Under her heavily beaded dress she was wearing a pair of custom made Roger Vivier gold leather kidskin shoes. He inlaid the heels with rubies and the upper was inspired by the fleurs-de-lis on the St. Edward Crown and the Imperial State Crown worn by the Queen.

Now in 2009, Bruno Frisoni has a new range of shoes inspired by that coronation shoe. Fuschia, gold and black, my favourite colours.

I have to admit I love this red shoe, and the jewells and dangly beads. The thought of wearing it, even for a few minutes brings back memories of the acute pain of walking in stilletto heels.


River said...

I love that first shoe. I showed it to L and said I love this, but I'd never wear anything this high. He said "I would..."

Jayne said...

My first born would swank about in those neck-busting shoes.

BwcaBrownie said...

Jayne says that as if she wouldn't herself.
Of course we all would - now where are the invites to the hoe-downs where one might dress like that (without having to be the 'partner' of a boofhead sportsman).

"he inlaid the heels with rubies" and she should have clicked them together and gone to OZ

JahTeh said...

River, that comment makes me worry.

Jayne, I don't remember heels this high when I wore stilletos way back when. They look so painful.

Bwca, you just reminded me that to celebrate The Wizard, shoe designers are making up their own versions of the ruby slippers. Now I'll have to find it in my bookmarks.
Speaking of 'partner', the blonde in the almost black and silver dress was Edelstein's new fiancee. He hasn't changed.

Middle Child said...

WOW...they sure beat my flat shoes and nun's ankles

Ampersand Duck said...


I mean, the heels aren't even touching the ground properly!

Absolutely gorgeous, just wish they could be strapped onto another part of the body or something.

JahTeh said...

Therese, my feet are sore after running around for two days in flat clunky mary-janes.

Duckie, I keep looking at these and it's the platform soles, they don't bend so you have to sort of walk flatfooted but on your toes.
I'd like to see you riding your bike around Canberra with these, very elegant.