Thursday, September 17, 2009


I've been given my own award. Thank you Kath Lockett and I think you might be right about the 'S' being in front of what my blog's all about.

Now according to the rules of the award I'm supposed to name seven worthy blogs to receive this award.

Too difficult. All my blogs are worthy, I never read unworthy blogs. I have droolworthy, laughworthy, learnworthy, cryworthy, envyworthy and best of all friendworthy. All of you take an award and run with it.

The second part is to divulge 10 things about myself. That's a definite piece of (S)crap.

1. I'm loving, kind to a fault and would give my last apple cake to no-one.

2. I am really slim and delicately built but live my life in a fat suit to give other people something to feel superior about.

3. I am extremely psychic which is why I don't buy Tattslotto tickets. It would be unfair to the peasants trying to win a life above their station.

4. I sing like an angel, one of Lucifer's.

5. I'd like to live on the moon as I fall down a lot and it's lower gravity would cushion the crunch.

6. I've lived at least two past lives. Nothing regal, poverty stricken more likely so I reckon this one's the best. In this life, they've invented soft ice-cream and computers.

7. I have to put this one down, I always do. I adore men in pale blue V-neck cashmere sweaters.

8. I adore men with grey hair and green eyes.

9. I consider laughter to be the best medicine and yes, I do laugh at other's misfortunes. The sheer pleasure of someone else hitting the pavement for a change brings tears to my eyes.

10. My secret identity is the Great Earth Mother. If you wish blessings to be bestowed upon you, ply me with chocolate especially the good stuff reviewed here. No need to appear in person just mail the offerings with your wish. No impossible wishes can be granted, that's the Sky Goddess' department.

Don't forget to collect your award on the way out.


Marshall-Stacks said...

oh I Second that award and bless you and the pumpkin coach you rode in on.
Keep it up please.

Helen said...

JahteH! Legend. May the chocolate fairy bless you forever.

Brian Hughes said...

"I never read unworthy blogs."

Now that really is (S)crap.

Jayne said...

Congrats on a well deserved award, J ;)

Let's hope the chocolate unicorn fairy prances into your life and sprays chocolate all over your house.
I said CHOCOLATE...!

R.H. said...

I'm claiming half of this.

(is there some cash with it?)

hazelblackberry said...

Thanks for the compliment!

Middle Child said...

About the green eyes and grey hair - hmmmI love green eyes and find the grey hair as long as there is plenty of it...well okay...I guess

River said...

You definitely deserve this award, along with any others that come your way.

JahTeh said...

Thank you Marshall-Stacks, I will have golden drumsticks embroidered on your award.

Helen, Kath is right, you should be writing for a decent intelligent newspaper, it's a shame we don't have any, maybe the Age but it has it's shameful moments.

Your blog is very worthy, Your Lordship. Would half of Melbourne know what a 'Grockle' was if you weren't blogging, something worthy to know if we ever invade Fleetwood.

Jayne, it's ll at night and I'm desperate for chocolate, desperate to eat a stale Laxette.

Robbert, you're due for half since the half you usually contribute is S(crap).

HB, you're a laugh a minute and you fall down more than I do, the award is deserved.

Therese, have you seen George Clooney lately? His hair is the icing on the cake and think back on Cary Grant, those divine silver strands. I'll give you that the hair is optional but not the eyes.

River, you are included, as a master commenter you share in everything including Rh.

Ozfemme said...

Loved it! Your blog has been the source of much laughter out loud, (often in public places) when I recall something from it. May it rain chocolates in your garden.

JahTeh said...

Thanks Oz, raining very soft chocolate considering the condition of my back molar. I wasn't even eating those delicious nut thingies from San Churro that Kath blogged about.