Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Just imagine there is a photo of a really classy naked torso of a hot guy right here.
There should be but blogger wouldn't load it and I was going to share it with HawtAndrew.

My tooth is fixed. I am recovering from the giant dose of antibiotics I have to take whenever I see the dentist.

Mother is doing well. Aunt Patty rang on Sunday to say she wouldn't be down as she had a children's party. Mother said it was fine but if she came during the week she'd have to ring ahead. This was so she would be in her room waiting for them because she has such a busy social life these days. Lovely putdown, Ma.

I have just ironed and named her spring and summer clothes and that is the last name tag I put on anything. On Monday I delivered everything on her list including our wedding photos, the ones without the divorced grooms. Then she wanted a basket to carry her ods and bods around so I reminded her she had a little patchwork bag so that's packed.

Now if I could just pack my life into a little patchwork bag and keep it neat and out of the way, I'd be happy. It's trying to re-set the mind to the freedom setting that's giving me trouble but I think I'm almost there.


Andrew said...

Seeing a picture of a hot guy on my screen, that would be novel.

Jayne said...

Yay on the fixed tooth!
Poo on the non-loaded hot guy.
Yay on your Mum putting Aunt Patty back in her box :)

R.H. said...

To me the idea of a bloke gushing over another bloke is basically ridiculous. Homos have their own blogs for that sort of thing. Why put it here?

JahTeh said...

You'll find it in the next post and it's not like your usual, it's demure.

Jayne, feast away at the torso, the head might like a racing ferret but that's what paper bags are for.

Robbert, I'm old not dead, the gushing is for me. Anyway I gushed over your boater, imagination is a wonderful thing.

R.H. said...

That's right, clothes make the man -for women. And magazine editors have found out to their cost that women don't drool over naked men at all. It's a homo market.

River said...

Seems your mum has "found" herself again. I'd venture to say that she was so much more troublesome than needed before because she was lonely, needing the company of women in a similar age group and circumstance.
Hooray for fixed teeth.

Middle Child said...

I know what you mean about "re-set the mind to the freedom setting that's giving me trouble"
I am physically free these days - not that I was ever in thrall by looking after don - i wish I could have him back again and be how we were- -but no pain for him - but I don't know how to be free... I get back home at the same time daily...and almost follow the same routine i did for so many years - I wander around a bit...and i can't read anymore which is sad.I understand the symptoms you mentioned such as high BP short breathing palpitations - I still have all of this and can't seem to get rid of it - early days yet Jahteh