Sunday, December 27, 2009


Forget it, my personal space disappeared long ago.
There is a new resident at the home and she has a large and loving family.
All of them turned up Christmas Day including the dog.
Now in a four bed room, everyone has a personal space, an unmarked line that one doesn't see but knows not to cross without invitation.
Daughter of new person moved her mother's large comfy chair right next to mum because she is supposed to practise speaking after her stroke. (They seem like the kind of family that is determined that their mother will be reciting Shakespeare in 3 weeks)
This is done down in the day room where everyone socializes not in the personal room space.
The daughter is a teacher of Goddess knows what, probably assertiveness training, given that mum feels she is being pinned to a wall every time she speaks to her.
They did move into the small lounge when the dog arrived Christmas Day.
Now this lady has only been there a week and the daughter took it on herself to give the other room residents, presents.
Not good, it's too soon to get an idea of what they can and cannot have. My mother is allergic to Jasmine in any shape or form and I got to her before she put the cream on her hands.
One of the other ladies has alzheimers and various skin cancers so this bombastic tart decided to rub the cream on her arms and legs for her. My sister works in Aged Care and she was horrified and said it was tantamount to assault because she wasn't family.
Now what we love about this home is the quietness (apart from Mary who swears and yells all day). The residents get to introduce their family members after a time getting to know the other residents and if they don't want to, they don't. We're not getting the chance with this bouncy broad, she bounces like a St. Bernard off a leash. It was straight in my face with an outstretched hand and a hoowdy do.

A quiet word with the DoN next week without making a big deal should do the trick.


Andrew said...

Peace interuptus. Yes, stomp on that quick smart.

R.H. said...

That's my kinda woman, give her my address.

Playing the piano again, living dangerously. Schubert this evening, 11:30, and the school teacher next door got hysterical, threw something onto my roof and it smashed, I hope it wasn't the vase I saw her buying at Kmart last Friday.

R.H. said...

I'm psychic, I see things, I see Miz Panz in my dreams, then I have to get up and turn all the lights on.

R.H. said...

She lives near my old sweetheart, they're sharing the vagrants. Goings-on. Terrible. Would make an echidna blush.

R.H. said...

My regards to mother.

Tell her I'm moving in, soon as the jury aquits me.

R.H. said...


It's marvellous the way I've turned out.

Literate, the Oscar Wilde of Chapel Street. I can prop there, outdo them all. And I've got hair, they've got none -the blokes that is: bald headed bastards. But that's the price, the cost of a fuck, women decide how you look, you can't look old.

Jayne said...

Yes, the DON can sort this one out, I used to hate dealing with bombastic rellies who had more front than Myers.

River said...

At first I was confused and thought they'd all moved into your home...please forgive my braindeadness, I've been unwell. over it now except for a cough. Anyway, have that chat with whoever is necessary and get that daughter out of your face.

JahTeh said...

Andrew, one has to be so careful to not make waves but sister says she'll check when she sees mum tomorrow.It's not like a hospital where people move on quickly or though a few have dropped off the twig lately but the DoN doesn't miss much.

Robbert, I don't blame her, Shubert blergh! Did you check for a broken legged possum?
Come and live near me, neighbours have bought a basketball hoop for the grandchildren...thunk thunk thunk thunk. I pray they have a fight and start throwing it at each other.
I don't care if a man looks old as long as he looks upon me with kindness and a quid or two.

Jayne, It seems to be her natural behaviour, like I said, bouncy. They are so determined that mother will get better but you have to be realistic, she's had two bad strokes and unlike mine, the marbles are not falling back into place.

River, no-one gets in here, I still have a full box of Lindt in the cupboard. Sister gave me a bottle of Bailey's and I know I've seen a recipe for Bailey's fudge which is the only way I could handle that drink.
I hope you've been tested for swine flu?

River said...

Not the swine flu, JahTeh, just an URTI, and boy did it URT. for a couple of days I thought I was swallowing red hot razor blades. Got some anibiotics, fixed me right up, 3 days. All that's left now is the cough and that's only early morning and late at night. It'll pass. Pretty sure I know exactly how I got it too, bloody customers.

JahTeh said...

River, I know what you mean, it's the kids with the filthy paws not to mention seeing them have a head scratch which immediately makes me want to check out my scalp.
That infection seems to be going around in Adders, a few bloggers have reported feeling like death had come knocking.
I'll go and have a chocolate for you and you'll feel better.

Jayne said...

That sort will NOT accept that mother's marbles aren't falling back into place and will start to look for reasons for this - ie checking up on the nursing staff, picking fault with anything, demanding (and expecting) immediate attention for mummsy at Every.Minute.Of.The.Day that they request it.
*shudder* Denial is not a River in SA with a cough ;)

Middle Child said...

She sounds like my social worker sister - her name isn't June is it? I finally copied brownie and put a feejit on my blog to see when my Adelaide sister visited...within an hour of doing so there she was...I have no regular bloggers from Adelaide...should be fun leading her on now i know for sure.

Make sure you declare your mum's space by pushing the big chair back into the other woman's space ...rude bitch

JahTeh said...

I'm a bit late answering Jayne,but you're right. My sister is going through this at the moment but unfortunately it is the night staff's fault for doing a bit too much yelling (known for it) and the day staff are coping the flack.

The lady in question is doing well and that's down to the nursing staff.

Therese, you sneaky thing, give the hag heaps.