Friday, January 15, 2010


After a heading like that, my advice is not to do it.

Antikva and I were practically holding each other up as we watched her daughters try on the most vertiginous stilletos I've ever seen.
Her ankle wasn't good and my knees were curling up in horror.

Youngest bought a very pretty pair of fuschia coloured 6 inchers which I loved.
In fact I loved every pair in the shop except those with the inbuilt platform soles, hate them.

See it makes you feel really old when you know you'll never wear anything as pretty as these shoes ever again. The only thing you can hope for is Homeyped clodhoppers in glitter.

In case anyone's worrying about the cat, don't bother. It has left the middle of my queen bed exactly 7 times in 36 hours and one of those was when it tried to sleep on my aching feet and got chucked off.
It already knows where the food is, kitty litter, water dish, bed and not to go out in the dark where the possums are hiding.


R.H. said...

The grand old shoe shop in Douglas Parade Williamstown has closed its doors after fifty years, sad letters in the local rag have talked about getting a first ever pair of school shoes there. Meanwhile a cheap book shop has taken its place. Walking past there with my daughter I said it won't last long, but it's been batting three months now.
The books are new, but amazingly cheap, perhaps they're all remaindered, I don't know. Today I got:

The Stranger From Melbourne.
Frank Hardy, A Literary Biography.
-Paul Adams (Pub. 1999) Price: $2.00

A Double Tall
Tale of Caffeine,
& Culture.
-Taylor Clark (Pub. 2007) Price: $3.00

Good heavens, how do they do it? And poor old Frank, going out the door for $2.00! What Shame. Humiliation. A reason to rotate.

R.H. said...

They still have other copies of those books I bought, if anyone's interested.

Andrew said...

Saw a lass this week in wedge heeled shoes. She looked like she was going to tip over. Boy, are they ugly shoes.

R.H. said...

The Frank Hardy book is in the window marked at ten dollars, but on a table outside it's two dollars. How odd. Maybe they're on drugs.
Go during the week, rummage the table.

Jayne said...

Am having to buy high heels to flex the foot, what a shame I have vertigo!

River said...

I've never worn high heels, never felt comfortable even just trying them on. Besides, I'd heard they were eventually going to riun my knees and hips, so bypassed them and stayed flat. Now my knees and hips are shonky anyway, so pfft!

JahTeh said...

Me too for book sale Robbert. $2 for crime novels and a biggie on Cleopatra for $5. I am stocking up for winter reading.

Andrew, I tried being fashionable but it never worked. The last time I walked down Collins St in flat shoes I nearly fell over. I did love looking at the shoes though, it's a bit like looking at some cute boi you know you're never going to have.

Flex the foot, Jayne? I would have thought you'd get enough flexing kicking the snorer beside you.

River, it's called old age and it comes regardless of high or low heels. I don't care about my feet as long as I can get rings on my fingers.

Kath Lockett said...

I hate the built-in wedge look too. Not that I ever wore them before or now. Comfort always rules and that's what funky thongs are for!

JahTeh said...

Kath, I bought a pair of jewelled thongs, only an inch high, thinking they would be more comfy but I can fall off them just as easily.

R.H. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
R.H. said...

"Well it wasn't really her fault."

"No, she wasn't that bad."

"She had a lot to contend with."




ha ha ha!


R.H. said...

The proper latte:

Two sugars plus indignation.

R.H. said...

Well if you can't get what you want keep trying, you'll get what you deserve.

Middle Child said...

My two daughters wear amazing shoes..I just wear walk in Grosby or Homy peds...sooo comfortable - but then i have never been a shoes type person...never liked high heels on me - on others thats fine and i am full of admiration for their balancing ability.

Ozfemme said...

You went shoe shopping and didn't invite me?

I mean, I could have been there in 8 hours and 38.5 minutes.

I wear sensible clown shoes these days.

Hate the built-in wedge heel too.

JahTeh said...

Therese, Homypeds are coming out with some shiny shoes and I bought a pair, $50 off in the sale today. I love the velcro instead of buckles and they're a bronze colour. I love a sale.

Oz, is that you Oz? Give the secret password and the funny handshake and we'll know it's you.
Of course we didn't invite you, you're thinner than we are even if you do wear the same clown shoes.

Robbert, the woman should have stood up to the Premier and told him the whole bloody business wasn't working and to cut his losses.

R.H. said...

Post something!- I'm going round in circles, oh I'm dizzy oh I'm dizzy....

Now then, just on the quiet, a big kiss from Uncle RH, to all my sweetheart darling sugerplums! When I hit big I'm taking you all out!- to California! No joke! I will not buy Miss J a Beverly Hills cake shop, I will buy her BEVERLY HILLS!!!

Ha Ha Ha!


R.H. said...

There are six billion people in the world.

And one RH.

antikva said...

They were just lucky I'd had 2 cappucinos and that divine latte cheesecake :p Youngest has been wearing in her *they're fuschia NOT pink!* skyscrapers ever since! I'd bet she'd even wear them grocery shopping if I let her.

I see $$$$ medical bills in my future for broken limbs.

I am going to have to come visit you more often at Southland :D gotta shop local to keep the economy going!

Well, we would have Ms Femme but you don't answer your phone *harumph*

R.H. said...

Nothing happening here.

Months ago I wrote an ode to Miss Laura, put it on her blog. She'd booted me off once or twice but took me back. Which shows (I think) enormous understanding.
She's been silent a long time now, I wish her well, maybe she's finally found her Mr Darcy.

Comment Deleted.

Miss Laura
Girl from the suburbs
Boney intellectual
White legs



I think she liked it, knew I meant business. Mind you, she said nothing.


A poet is never cautious, placing his head on the block, hoping only the aim be good, the axe sharp.


JahTeh said...

Antikva, I told her they were Fuschia not pink and if she hasn't fallen over yet she might be lucky. Oz not answering her phone means she misses out on food fun.

"Six billion people and one RH" and they say there's no good news in today's world.
And I have posted but it will make you weak to read it.
Tomorrow, the lady from the Funeral parlor comes to collect the cheque and I fill out more papers because it changes from a pre-arranged funeral to a pre-paid one. On my grave, it will be written....strangled by red tape.

R.H. said...

Pay now, die later.