Thursday, January 07, 2010


This is my beautiful 17 year old (February 2010) granddaughter

And this is my equally beautiful 15 year 0ld granddaughter.

These have been posted on Facebook so
I'm not invading any privacy
and I want to show them off.


Myst_72 said...

Gorgeous girls :)


Andrew said...

Attractive lasses. So they are related to you? Sorry to disappoint, but I am not having lustful thoughts.

R.H. said...

What? How dare you! I don't go out with anything under 38 nowadays!

(Bust-size, that is.)

ha ha ha!


Jayne said...

You must be so proud to have 2 lovely grand-girls like that :)
Enjoy their visit, Witchy :)

R.H. said...

That's the first 17 year-old I've seen who looks much younger, they can usually pass for about 25. Then they reach 30 and want to go backwards. ha ha. Well Elizabeth Bennet always seems too young for Mr Darcy. But then he's got money coming out his earholes. It's a saver. Austen's stories are all about finance.

River said...

They're beautiful. Do they look like you?

JahTeh said...

Thanks Gina, I always thought the eldest would be the tall one but the youngest is now shooting towards the stars.

Andrew, appreciation of beauty will do.

Robbert, bust size or IQ?

Jayne, only the eldest is here, her boyfriend gave her the plane ticket for Christmas.

River, I can honestly say they look nothing like a four-eyed red headed XXXXL old tart.

Rh, her brain could pass for 25, she has so much commonsense.

Elisabeth said...

Beautiful girls. Face book has its merits doesn't it? It gives you access to pictures of your beautiful grand children in the public gaze where we can boast fiercely and fairly.

They are lovely. No wonder you're proud.

JahTeh said...

Elisabeth, my mother was just out of her mind to see her. When I was out of the room, mum asked why she was here, she said 'Dad sent me' and she didn't mean her stepfather.
I'm not joking when I say things got a little spooky around here.

Middle Child said...

Obviously dad di send her - nothing wierd about that - I just accept that stuff these days...they are lovely and so nice that you got to see one of them

JahTeh said...

Therese, I can see Don always turning up for your Christmas. I hope you're fire ready on Craggy Island?

Kelly & Sam Pilgrim-Byrne said...

Absolutely beautiful, JT.