Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I love watching other people get hot and bothered in a kitchen.
I used to cook but now it's too hard to think about.
My 12 egg pavlovas were famous but what's the point of cooking a pavlova for one. I might as well buy those dry little shells and fill them with cream (double cream, no beating) and frozen berries.
I used to make my own curry powder now it's almost mind bending trying to get the lid off the supermarket jar.
Vegetables looking a bit tired get eaten for fibre if not vitamins.
I buy Gourmet Traveller to look at the pretty pictures.
Fusion Food around these parts consists of last night's tofu chilli cakes covered with tonight's Italian pasta sauce.
Dessert will be Mango yoghurt with Triple Chocolate ice-cream.
That's the kitchen speciality.
Drop in any time.
Leave your stomach at the gate.


Elisabeth said...

It's the final dessert listed here that gets to me. Mango Yogurt and triple choc ice cream.

In my declining years I've gone off the excessively sweet and this combination sounds ghastly. But if the spirit is willing, it's okay, I'll leave my stomach at your door and enter at my own peril. Thanks for the invite JahTeh.

Jayne said...

Sweetened condensed milk.
In a tube.

River said...

I'm with Jayne. Buy a tube and suck it dry. Mmmmmm.

I used to enjoy cooking shows, but these days it's all "healthy" foods, lentils this and wholegrain that, fat free everything; or it's gourmet ingredients that I could never afford, verjuice, and gold-plated salmon,hand picked truffles....
'scuse me while I go and make a vegemite sandwich.

JahTeh said...

Elisabeth, it's nicer than it sounds as the chocolate ice-cream isn't sweet. One thing I do miss and that's the 'Mr Whippy' van. The joy of walking out one's front gate and back in with a tub of soft serve covered in choc fudge sauce and crushed nuts.

Jayne, that's so refined but I have a tin in the pantry and I've found the Bailey's Irish Cream fudge recipe so it's marked.

River, I remember the first time I ate smoked salmon after hearing about it for years. Aaack, I didn't expect it to be so salty. Grilled salmon I really go for but so expensive. Truffles I haven't had but I suspect it's just upmarket fungus and above my palate.
And not just a vegemite sandwich but vegemite and cream cheese layered fingers. Classy.

Lord Sedgwick said...

I'm a bit partial to bubble and squeak composed of last night's brussel sprouts, potato salad, left over pavlova, sauerkraut (don't mention the war!) and finely sliced rollmops.

(Caramelised condensed milk optional.)

JahTeh said...

Sedgwick, you'll have Hughes dribbling on the menu.