Thursday, March 04, 2010


And I've been doing such a lot of it today.

I'm downloading a new anti-spyware and I can't remember if it was the free version or the pay up or else we'll fry your hard drive. I wouldn't care but it's taken since 12.30 and dial-up cuts out after an hour so it's check all the time.

Which brings me to the next bitching thing. Why can't they say in English, PLAIN ENGLISH, what broadband plans they have without ditching this phone or that service and answer what exactly it will cost and how long it will take. Why doesn't someone do websites for dummies for broadband.

Which brings me to another bitching. When a large store has a website with all the bells and whistles in colour and ritzy things but I can't find where the curtains are, then shouldn't someone, like a computer robot, be there to direct internet dummies? Curtains are now imperative since the cat, instead of going under, decided to go through the voile this morning. And after I'd patiently cut out the shredded bits from the other day. Up yours Spotlight, I'm going to Lincraft in person.

I'm also diet bitching. I have a party to go to in 10 days. Ten days to lose at least 5kgs, a not impossible task for The Biggest Losers but for me, not so easy although I had one of those diet shakes for lunch, strawberry which tastes vile but I put instant coffee in it. I walked to the post box with the RSVP, bought a bottle of Coke Zero, (I'll be living on caffiene) but couldn't resist the apricot danish - Diet Fail. And then there's the birthday cake tomorrow, baked fresh sponge, fresh cream and jam filling and luscious icing - Diet Fail. Going to the movies on Wednesday, Gold Class in the middle of umpteen food places including San Churro chocolate delight - Diet Fail.

And now after all this time Spyware doctor is downloaded and oh noes, 70mb of updates which at my current speed will take 12 hours. So it's being installed without updates which I'll do some time later, much later. Fecking dial-up, no it's the fault of the internet thinking that everyone has enough loot to do broadband. #@%&*


R.H. said...

Eat all that tomorrow and you won't fit into a taxi.

hazelblackberry said...

Gold Class is, like, the best?

Why do you need to lose weight? Bugger deadlines!

River said...

Diet? Never heard of the word....ha ha.

I've lost 3kg in the last 10 days, just by cutting out snacking.

Ozfemme said...

I agree with Hazel. Whenever my fat finds out it's not invited to a party it digs its heels in and won't budge. Just enjoy!