Thursday, April 08, 2010


River kindly sent this from Shambles Manor and it was too good not to steal.

"This came from a Rig Manager for Global Marine Drilling in St. Johns, Newfoundland. They actually have to divert the path of these things away from the rig by towing them with ships. In this particular case the water was calm and the sun was almost directly overhead so that the diver was able to get into the water and click this photograph. They estimated the weight at 300,000,000 tons."

This is one brilliant shot and I'll hate it if it turns out to be photo-shopped.


R.H. said...

Jahteh a blue diamond has just sold in Hong Kong for 6.3 million. The record price for a single diamond remains at 9.3 million.
I thought you'd like to know for when I can afford to mail you this sort of gem (it's the postage that's a killer).

Jayne said...

Big large for your gin glass, isn't it?

River said...

Thoughts of photoshopping didn't even occur to me. How would we know one way or the other? I'll take it as truth. Either way, it's a stunning image.

JahTeh said...

Robbert, I haven't caught up with the auction but that's the blue diamond I blogged, 5.16 carats.

Lordy Jayne, like I wouldn't get a bigger glass.

River, being naturally suspicious about anything on the internet I thought of it but it is stunning.