Saturday, May 15, 2010

Heeeeeeeeere's Mother

I finally finished the film in my camera so here's MummyWorld. This is her corner of the four bed ward and I think we've added two more photographs since this was taken. I made the sparkly wreath for Christmas but she liked it so much, it's still up.

And this is the view from her bedside through floor to ceiling glass door and window. I'm not good at photos, you all know that, but hanging from the seed bell in the centre of the frame are two lorikeets. The little pottery possum on the post we brought from the house along with two garden gnomes. We usually hang two or three bells along the pergola not only for the lorikeets but the other native birds that hang out in the flowering gum. The pigeons go for the bits left on the ground. They don't seem to be good at hanging on to the bells especially when a lorikeet is attacking.

This was taken on Christmas Day. She was still looking very fragile even after being there for just under four months. We'd just sold the house so we were all relieved at not scratching for money to pay bills.

This was taken in January with her great granddaughter. We made a surprise visit but with so many little Asian nurses looking after her, it was a minute before she recognised her. She's now look a lot brighter and more with it.

This was taken at the end of March and she'd made it to her 80th birthday. Don't bother with the fat tart at the back, just someone she knows. The old girl's got colour, bright eyes and totally with it and more importantly, no pain.
I will be in pain after Wednesday because I stupidly opened my big mouth and will now play escort to the wheelchair posse for a Southland visit. I have to go, I have her eftpos card and she is looking forward to a shopping trip, the first she's been on for over 6 years. I get to pay and wheel the trolley and fetch the coffee and plan the shortest route between shops. I don't get to wheel the chair, thank you for dodgy knees.


Mindy said...

What lovely happy photos. I do like your spectacular red hair. Just gorgeous.

River said...

Nice photos J. Your mum and you are both beautiful and I can see the resemblance easily. Your mum mdoes look much happier in the last photo. I love the view from her bedroom window.

Frank said...

So pleased to see she's settled in so happily. And so nice to see your smiling face.

Andrew said...

You in thirty five years Jahteh. Except I think you will probably far more manipulative than even your mother is now. Peel me a grape Russy (Crowe) and then show me what you are made of.

JahTeh said...

Mindy, totally natural that red hair, ahem.

River, you really can see the improvement in her although the confusion isn't far away but having a routine keeps her in balance.

Frank, it's a lovely place, full of sunshine and everyone smiles. I'm thinking of putting my name down for the future.

Andrew, do you realize how old that makes me although there is one little lady there who is 107 and still watching tele and reading a book a day.
I would never be manipulative unless it's conning someone to drive me and the wheel chair to the pub.

Ann ODyne said...

all so gorgeous in her corner of the world. the others will be wanting the same I suspect.
take a moment for yourself though. X X

Ozfemme said...

her corner looks fab, she's lucky to have such a daughter.

(I Can see us all having wheelchair races to the pub in a few years.)

Kath Lockett said...

I love the last photo. You *both* look happy.

R.H. said...

Who's that in the red dress, Jane Russell?

I want one of those beds with the winch over it, handy for getting vertical after a bender.

Ampersand Duck said...

I can't see any wrinkles! On either of you! Such a nice set-up, I hope she appreciates all you've done to get her there :)

JahTeh said...

Annie O, the name sign was also done by me, very upmarket beside the other name signs. Take a moment, laugh, it's the wheelchair expedition to Southland tomorrow.

Oz, down there you're allowed to keep your booze in the fridge to drink at any time. She rang last night to remind me to bring the eftpos card and she's made a list.

I was probably swearing at her, Kath. The others in the room think it's hilarious that we're constantly at war but it's friendly fire.

Robbert, never mind the winch, she has a remote to press and the bed automatically rises to sitting position, as you say, very good for getting vertical after a bender.

Duckie, would you believe she doesn't have a wrinkle on her face and at 80? She's never been one for sunbathing unlike her twin sister who has a face like a prune.