Sunday, June 20, 2010

eBil lesson No. 4

The lovely Amethyst of all shades, shapes and sizes. This one is 32 carats, cut in the Portuguese style and synthetic. The deeper shading in the middle made it look a winner for a while but no, another on the list of mistakes.
Now for above and below. A cushion shape and an oval both showing that lovely deep pink flash when moved around. The one above is synthetic and the oval, well, the jury is still out on that one. The gem has a very deep pavillion and there are some marks that look like natural inclusions so only more testing will tell for certain if it's another dud. The richness of the two colours means that I'll be happy to look at them. I emailed the seller who confirmed that both stones came from the same dealer, overseas dealer I suspect.

But in all this, I have a winner. This lovely light shade of lilac which some sellers refer to as "Rose de France", a clever pr thought that one up to sell this particular light stone which is not as valuable as a deep purple gem. It is delicate and would look lovely in a ring and didn't cost as much as the synthetics.

Now to this lovely deep deep purple cushion cut gem from Africa via a laboratory. Just goes to show that even the crooks can't always get it right. It happens to be a synthetic sapphire.

I have to say even for a synthetic, it's a beautiful shade.


Lord Sedgwick said...

"I have to say even for a synthetic, it's a beautiful shade."

Dammit Coppertop, you've been taping my bevy of young wenches' flattering pillow talk.

River said...

I love the second stone, the cushion shape with the purple, pink and yellow. I like my colours deep, pastels do nothing for me. Except in flowers.

JahTeh said...

Nothing synthetic about the Lordly assets and the shade, my word, gangrene green is so flattering to the elderly.

River, it really does look like this and I don't care if it's a bomb, an expensive bomb but pretty.
A bit like MiLord actually.

Word verif. is pestro, that's him too.