Saturday, June 12, 2010

Shopping on eBil

Now I liked this pendant from first look. Starting bid was $39.00 so I bid $39.00. It's 9cm long and 4 cm across the top. The flowers are carved shell, the round stones are pink, dark green and light green tourmalines. There is one small pearl next to a tiny coral bead, further down is a faceted briolette of citrine next to a topaz pear. It's marked as 925 sterling silver and quite well executed, dainty but balanced. It was according to the website and the faded price tag, originally $625.00 but it didn't appeal to anyone but me and for $39, it was mine. Of course I might not have been the first to own it, it could have been returned for a full refund.

But why would anyone return it? The arrow at the top is pointing to a delicate curved silver scroll which has become detached from the back. Quote to be re-soldered in silver, $70, but since it is decoration only and not structural, I can live with it. The second arrow near the citrine briolette is to show you that the topaz pear has been crossed over the citrine. The two arrows pointing to the pear shape would show you the internal stress lines if the photoshopping hadn't been done so well. Actually I could feel with my finger the outline of one of the stress lines and it will, no doubt, shatter completely if I ever drop it or it might just do it because it feels like it.
The X shows the difference in the colours on the background where the photoshopping has been applied. The drop was crossed with the briolette to best hide the flaws which I can clearly see now because I have the pendant in front of me. The tourmalines all have stress lines and inclusions but those are only visible with light underneath.

I can live with all of this because it is a lovely piece regardless. The problem was what to hang it from, silver chain, ribbon, beads? The chains I had were all wrong, I'm too old for dinky ribbon but I did have 6mm smooth, round semi-precious moonstones, perfect. So, in spite of all the faults I didn't return it because the seller didn't lie, just omitted to divulge a few things.

Tomorrow's lesson will be about a seller getting done like a dog's dinner.


Jayne said...

The arrangement looks heavy, is it?
I was going to suggest as a means to protecting both it and you to convert it into a brooch, more secure and less likely to bump against anything.
It is very pretty, I like the combination no matter the minor drawbacks.

Brian Hughes said...

"But why would anyone return it?"

To paraphrase the bard, "Let me count the ways..."

JahTeh said...

Jayne, it's not heavy because there are two places at the back to attach a chain which distributes any weight evenly.

Fleetwood, you have no soul and my gem man is giving me enough grief without you starting in.

River said...

It's a very pretty piece JahTeh, pity about the flaws.

JahTeh said...

River, it can all be fixed but I think I paid the right price for it.

Middle Child said...

its really beautiful...all I know about stones and gems I have learned from you all hail the teacher