Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm not sure I can handle another chance

The clock is borked.
The toaster is borked.
The dryer is borked.
The spouting is borked.
My understanding of Telstra wireless broadband is definitely borked.
Relations with my sister are almost unfixedly borked.
My eyes are borked because I can't stop this water stuff from flooding out of them.
The cat has finally realized that waking me at 3 am for food is the road to borkdom.
I think my tin knee is borked.
My bank account is borked.
But I'm not depressed, my depression button is borked.


River said...

Your depression button is borked?
Well, there's your silver lining.
You certainly don't need to be depressed on top of all that other borking.
*hands over a box of tissues*
Here, have a cup of tea and another scone. And here's a vanilla cupcake too, straight from Baino, over at Baino's Banters.
They're yummy.

Jayne said...

Screw the spouting, toaster and clock; so long as the rain isn't coming through the roof and you can toast bread on top of gas stove (check out camping store for wire doohickey) and who cares about the time anyways?
Put your borked tin knee UP and keep it UP for several days.
Your sister.. meh.
The waiting for you to fall on the floor so it can start snacking on you.
No, not really, that's what I tell myself when my lot look at me licking their lips, plotting my demise.
Take a deep breath and ring the nearest camping store, ask about wire toasters for camp fires, buy one and make some comforting toast dripping with butter and jam.
Then sleep.
Or get the Brickouthouse to do it for you.

Kath Lockett said...

Hey JahTeh, there's nothing wrong with having borked eyes every now and then; or a bucketful of chocolate and cake to help them heal.

Ann ODyne said...

it's just winter ... there has to be Spring ... mwah mwah

JahTeh said...

River, really just a vanilla cupcake! Haigh's and a frog cake in all the colours could realy lift me.

Jayne, the toaster was my last remaining wedding present, so sentimental. After all it's about the only thing I never threw at him.

Thank you Choc Goddess, reading your blog starts depression. But you were so right about the Lindt white choc with almonds, divine,I can still taste it.

Annie O, Spring is so far away but payday is closer so I'll go for the Lindt again.

R.H. said...

Robert Morley was here for a show. I saw him interviewed on TV, he said: "I wake in the morning, open my eyes, and say: 'Again?'"

That's how I feel.


Did you get that latest tie I sent you- the one with the witch- you didn't say. I'm wearing my Marilyn Monroe now, just to type this. Look to the future, the past is done. You owe it nothing.


Be like me.

JahTeh said...

Robbert, that's a brilliant saying to put in a blog header.

Of course I have the tie. I told you it matches the curtains and walls in my study and is hanging beside me.

Middle Child said...

Borking hell!!!