Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Chair

Neighbour is an upholsterer and when picking up two couches for recovering last week gathered up for me the matching lounge chair. Salvo's wouldn't even look at it and the lady was planning to throw it on the nature strip.

It's big, fits bum nicely, is about 4 inches too low but in lovely condition. I have been trying it out all day, on the floor and up on bricks for the height.

It's killing me. My back is aching like you wouldn't believe. The roll-over arms mean I have to stretch twice as far to grab my cuppa and turn on the lamp. The seat is about 6 inches deeper than old faithful and there's the problem. Trying to sit upright means my knees are on the seat not hanging over the edge and my back is not upright if I don't sit back.

So, tomorrow I will be moving this lovely creature to the opposite side of the room for favoured visitors. I will also have to move the coffee table and the side table. I'll have to move the chair that is already there to the dining table which is okay because the chair I have there is too low to read my books. But to put that chair there, I have to move old faithful back and put it up on bricks again and I have to move the huge tv that's under the table waiting for the BrickOutHouse to get over the flu and put his sciatic nerve back in his spine so he can move it and hook it up. The too low chair is on wheels and can go to the other side of the table after I turn the table around longways, when the tv is moved.

And the only bit of carpet that has been cleaned and vac'd will be under old faithful.


Andrew said...

Love to help you shift everything around tomorrow darls, but it is the day I change the head of my toothbrush.

River said...

You could put big ball feet or castors on the new too low chair and a big fat cushion against the back so that your knees are in the right spot for feet to reach the floor.
Being short (5ft), I have the same problem with couches and armchairs. All the seats are too deep, causing me to sit perched on the very edge if I want my feet on the floor, or padding it with cushions and sitting with my feet up along the length of the couch. Why is all furniture made for tall people?

Elisabeth said...

Chairs are meant to be comfortable, not cruel. I'm sorry that this treasure is causing you so much pain.

Ann ODyne said...

It is a rare and wonderful thing to have a nice neighbour.
If your back aches, moving furniture will not improve the condition. Pleas do take care.

Jayne said...

Not worth the agony if the chair isn't right and get someone else to shift the furniture.

JahTeh said...

Andrew, I feel a joke coming on,
How many gays does it take to change a head on a toothbrush? The answer is open to all.

River, I know what's wrong apart from figuring out that it is a one and a half size single chair, the back is sloped and I need it straight.

Elisabeth, it is comfortable, just ask the cat who moved in every time I went for a drink.

Annie O, you will have somewhere elegant to sit when you visit. The only thing I couldn't move was the ginormous tv but harking back to the Mother's Handbook, I'll move it to a blanket and drag the blanket. A bit like the slaves building the pyramids using rollers.

Jayne, I swear you could get two feral beasts comfy in this chair, came from Freedom Furniture and not cheap. I was glad to get back to old faithful, dirt, cat scratches and all. And there is no one else to move the furniture but I have found the hooky things to hang the clock back in the kitchen and I found a new battery for it as well.

I see Robbert is in charge of word verification today - prieste

Lad Litter said...

Don't try to be too badass when shifting furniture, Jahteh! I have some metal and bone fragments where a disc used to be. I get the physical tasks done little by little.

R.H. said...

You've had more to do with priests than I have and I've only ever been to see a priest once and that was when I couldn't get the advice I wanted anywhere else except ring lifeline which is only a voice on the phone. Okay? Wake up to yourself. When I was on the bum I was fed by The Little Sisters of the Poor, in Fitzroy. I love those Little Sisters. The Catholic church is the best, truest, most sincere. I will always honour it. And take the Blessing too.

Please excuse the late hour.

R.H. said...


Miss Jahteh is bed-ridden. Boston bun bulimia. Entertainment is on Kath Locket's blog, an RH comment. And honestly, I've read it two dozen times and keep going back. Can't help it, I'm my own favourite, my favourite commentor, no one makes me laugh like I do.
Miss J will be back, crossing a pavlova moon. Sugary stars, licorice broom, here's my poem The All Ordinaries.

Orchard Waters Park Estate
Kids in pushers
Ain't it great
Miles of houses
All brand new
Kentucky fried
MacDonalds too.

Brand new lake
Brand new loo
Brand new streets
With a tree or two.
Brand new lawns
Not a single weed
Very nice
Yes indeed.

Plasma TV
Every night
Long way to work
But that's alright.
Silent neighbours
What's that matter?
Finance worry
Means lot less chatter.

Finance makes
The world go round
Shuts it up
Not a sound
Romantic couples
To concentrate
On the interest rate.

A poet is never daunted, etiquette is for bums. The holy croissant, that's for bums too. The GREAT MUTE MOCCHA hisses and bubbles, hollers and shrieks, down lanes and tram tracks, OH!- the Second Coming!- of the Holy Croissant!- and the Arts section of the fucking Age.
Stay home you dingbats, use your own stove, for goodness sake, you paid enough for it!

Darlings, a poet is never hesitant, it's on his gravestone: Post now, apologise later.

Ozfemme said...

the chair - way too needy. dump it.

River said...

R.H. I think you've got a good point there. If more people stayed at home to use their own stoves, maybe they wouldn't need to work all those extra hours just to cover their lunch and dinner costs. sure, they'd have to shop for cookable foods, but cooking at home is still cheaper than eating out.
I knew of a couple years ago whose weekly food budget ran to around $350-$400 because all they ever did was eat out in good reataurants with their two kids. Outrageous!!

JahTeh said...

Impossible to dump it now, Oz. The cat is permanently grafted to it.

River, so right about home cooking but so hard to cook for one without overdoing it. Yesterday I had a piece of whiting and two potato cakes, not expensive and it would have been if I had cooked it.

Robbert, you've still got your eye to my door. Bed ridden only to try and warm up from yesterday. Two old dears fell off the twig at the home, didn't worry Ma though, morphine helps the not worrying.

Middle Child said...

Can't it all wait till the back is better???