Friday, January 07, 2011

That dress!

I'm doing the 'Bambi thing'

If you can't say anything nice

Don't say anything at all.

Except I think I like the bridesmaids.


Jayne said...

Your grandchicks are far prettier with better taste in frocks.

Marshall Stacks said...

you 'like the bridesmaid' on the right because she looks like a ruckman in drag.
I would love to know what vicars think when they have to marry a pair of entirely exposed breasts.
Grace Kelly's modest gown by Helen Rose, is the best of all time.
The NGV has a Helen Rose lace dress worn by Agnes Moorehead in a 50's movie.

Lord Sedgwick said...

Once a media whore, always a media whore. Sadly it aint gonna stop anytime soon.

(And what Jayne said.)

Lord Sedgwick said...

... and can't Judd afford a tailor to take up the legs on his trousers?!

JahTeh said...

Jayne, so true, and now I must do a blog post on my ideal wedding not that I'm ever going to be that stupid again. I should be fair and give Twigs right of reply.

Stacks, you are so right about Grace's gown and I'm hoping that Catherine of England will be as elegant. Grace's gown didn't crush like Diana's because of the miles of silk netting underneath and the Emmanuals should have thought of that and measured the damn coach.

And if anyone would know about media whoring it's our Lord Sedgwick. And shouldn't that be "take up the hems on his trousers?" Lord Declan.

Lord Sedgwick said...

Cuffs even?

Then again the look might be a fashion statement that has passed me by.

Lord Sedgwick said...

And this has to be the worst news I've heard so far this year.

LITTLE Judds are on the way. In what could be a dream for Blues fans, the new Rebecca Judd has revealed she and Carlton captain, husband Chris, are planning to start a family this year. "Yeah definitely, this year," she said when asked about kids while partying with Jacquie Stevens yesterday at the Portsea polo day.

Stand by for the 5,000 page edition of the New Idea.

Marshall Stacks said...

absolutely nobody ever looks good while bloated with child, so the 2011 Brownlow gown shape will now be a challenge for the trampy designer J'Aton (whatever kind of stupid name that is).

JahTeh said...

Stacks, J'Aton is two guys who can't stop making crap for Twigs.
They're supposed to be moving to New York so she might be stuck for Brownlow night.

Cuffs? Sedgers you are old, the new trend is for short suits for summer with shoes, no socks, very "Miami Vice" but hairy legs abroad in Melbourne should only be on Huntsman spiders.

Wv is hurserti, close enough.