Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Bears in the wild

Don't ever google for photos of a Kodiak or any other bear. It's bad enough that idiots want to go out and shoot them for fun but do they have to post photos of their moronic delight. I only went one page in case I came across Sarah Palin wearing that Stars and Stripes bikini cradling her shotgun.

He's sweet though, the one I found for this post although I do hope he might have had a chomp or two on a hunter like a Blue Whale nudging a "research vessel".

Chris Palmer was a producer of wildlife programmes but he's now dumped the bucket on the behind the scenes of such shows. Wild wolves are just as likely to be rented from a game farm.
And the bears. Scenes of bears feeding on a dead elk....looks great but the bears were probably rented and the frenzy over the elk, well that was probably due to the fact that stuffing an elk carcass with jelly beans was sure to attract attention. A bit like putting
our Kath in the middle of a chocolate factory.

Even (you may start swearing now Miss O'Dyne) David Attenborough had to admit that film of a polar bear supposedly giving birth in the wild was shot in a zoo.

I think that those shots of huge sharks leaping out of the ocean off the coast of South Africa would have to be legit unless a few sticks of gelignite got tossed around. Next thing you know someone will be telling me that people on Facebook tell lies. I'm an innocent in this world.

I wonder how many jelly beans can be stuffed in an elk?

Memo to self: don't take jelly beans to Alaska.


The Elephant's Child said...

Drat you CopperWitch. My brain is stuck at the Sara Palin image. Not a good place at all.

Jayne said...

Now I'm wondering how many jelly beans I can stuff into a Sarah Palin carcass...

JahTeh said...

EC, here's another image that will stick with you, she's going to try for the Presidency. Now I wouldn't mind a woman in charge, Condy Rice was the brain behind GW after all, but Palin in charge of the big red button that goes with Abbott in charge of women's health.

Jayne, get the bears ready first. His opinion of Crocodile Steve was 50-50, great for getting kids interested, not so for annoying the animals.

River said...

That is one cute bear. I wonder if he'd be willing to hibernate beside my couch for the winter, so I can warm my tootsies.

JahTeh said...

Now we all know what to buy River for winter, teddy bear slippers.
Would you prefer toothless or fully equipped?